Katie Cleary’s Workout Sponsored By: Nike, Adidas Incase & Apple!

I still gotta give it up for Nina Dobrev for winning the crown in the category for Juiciest Workout Pics. While these aren’t that bad, Katie Cleary looks a little too made up & as a result, somewhat old in the pics.

  • dinodan

    I think she beats the Nina pics. Her body is fit, and she does not look like a teenage drama queen like nina.

  • dinodan

    Now I remember her. She was on the first season of America’s next top model, and was a deal or no deal girl.

  • Peccavi

    not bad…. just dunno who she is or why she should be considered relevant.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Whoa, she looks good.

  • Leni


  • Bowser

    This girl is really sexy but I’d take Nina’s stretching pictures

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    How about I test both of them out at the same time and see which one impresses me most?

  • hula

    super hot, add MAC to the sponsors

  • Ari

    Looking gorgeous! But with the full-on makeup and hair you can tell this “workout” was for cameras…

  • AlinaMaria


  • Mundo

    Well for whoever she was posing for, she has my vote…eye candy…

  • FallenRawToast


    This gal is totally new to me, but holy fucking cheese wheels on fire, she has it going on. You are right Moe, the Nina workout pics are more real workout pics, BUT we need to see more of this Katie Cleary here!!

  • lazydayz

    I much prefer these to the Dorbev running pics, even if this is clearly for publicity. Katie’s body is much more toned and she doesn’t look like a rat in the face.

  • skilligan

    she’s REALLY hot

  • Brasileira

    she has such a nice body gawdamn. but..these photos are a so clearly posed. i don’t think she even tried to make it look real though. hair’s all out and not even sweating a bit! haha

  • Voice of Reason

    I’d be her jogging partner but I’d have to strap the ole cock to my leg in advance.

  • James W.

    Damn this Chick is hott

  • spangly

    I would enjoy working it looking at her!

  • Boz


  • major_got_banned

    unless this is the setup of a porn movie i dont care.