Bastardly Lady of the Day: Jessica

My name is Jessica, and I saw your blotd entry today.. that girl was really pretty and from Texas, which is my favorite state. I’m from Belarus, and it pisses me off. Eastern Europe sucks! But haha the point of this email was to ask if I could be an entry as well. I’m 19 years old : )

Let me first off say that my relationship with my boyfriend just ended, and all those pictures couples send to each other are lying around. I just don’t give a damn about him, and this is payback in a sense. And I’d of course love to know what some of the people think.

Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for?
I would go lesbian for Blake Lively.. the girl from gossip girl. She has really nice legs, cute bum, and has it going on haha.

Do you like your boobs?
I love my boobs! They get me out of speeding tickets lol and make life so much easier! But really, they are fun to have.

Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000?
My grandfather died when he was 54 in a construction accident, so what age are we talking about? I’d definitely take that $3 million. I could buy enough gasoline to burn down Belarus, this shithole.

Have guys ever said you look like a particular celebrity to try get in your pants?
I’ve heard dark-haired Scarlett Johannson. not anyone else you all would know.

Do you have a most or/and least favorite former Bastardly Lady of the Day?
Kimia was probably my favorite blotd because she looks natural. I may have to go back and look.

What makes you Bastardly?
When I was 17, a man tried to grab my boobs, so I grabbed his hands and put them on my boobs. It surprised him so much he tried to get away.

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