Bastardly Lady of the Day: Jessica

My name is Jessica, and I saw your blotd entry today.. that girl was really pretty and from Texas, which is my favorite state. I’m from Belarus, and it pisses me off. Eastern Europe sucks! But haha the point of this email was to ask if I could be an entry as well. I’m 19 years old : )

Let me first off say that my relationship with my boyfriend just ended, and all those pictures couples send to each other are lying around. I just don’t give a damn about him, and this is payback in a sense. And I’d of course love to know what some of the people think.

Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for?
I would go lesbian for Blake Lively.. the girl from gossip girl. She has really nice legs, cute bum, and has it going on haha.

Do you like your boobs?
I love my boobs! They get me out of speeding tickets lol and make life so much easier! But really, they are fun to have.

Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000?
My grandfather died when he was 54 in a construction accident, so what age are we talking about? I’d definitely take that $3 million. I could buy enough gasoline to burn down Belarus, this shithole.

Have guys ever said you look like a particular celebrity to try get in your pants?
I’ve heard dark-haired Scarlett Johannson. not anyone else you all would know.

Do you have a most or/and least favorite former Bastardly Lady of the Day?
Kimia was probably my favorite blotd because she looks natural. I may have to go back and look.

What makes you Bastardly?
When I was 17, a man tried to grab my boobs, so I grabbed his hands and put them on my boobs. It surprised him so much he tried to get away.

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  • dinodan

    Nice face. Too much makeup, and cheesy poses.

  • The Headliner

    Me likey long time
    I love that pink top, well what’s in it.

  • Bowser

    Well you’re right about Texas, it IS the best state.

  • Mundo

    Well I was impressed with all your answers to the ?’s…and after seeing your pictures, you’re not bad, not bad at all…better and more clear pictures would’ve been a plus….

  • Mundo

    I second that….

  • salma

    I’m going to say this because I think you are selling yourself too cheap, you are pretty, you don’t need to take pics of yourself in lingerie and half naked, I’m sure you are worth more than that.

    I’m sure I get all haters alerts form guys, but it’s my opinion.

    Anyway, you are very pretty, 2.2 is my favorite pic.

  • dinodan

    I feel what you are saying.

  • Bowser

    I gave you a hater alert just for saying that you’re going get hater alerts

  • bambigirl

    Well I did it for my ex boyfriend, but I see what you’re saying. Haha read the other blotd’s and everyone bitched at not enough sexy pictures..and I overdid it?
    lol I’m kidding..salma have you done an entry?

  • salma

    that is an oxymoron baby!

  • AlinaMaria

    beautiful eyes

  • AlinaMaria

    I bet he’ll be gutted about what he’s missing out on!!

  • skilligan

    she is really hot, eyes, boobs, not a bad ass, strong

  • DocHellbilly

    Just look back at my recent posts and you’ll see I have a HUGE soft spot for the Eastern European women… Damn, I should have gone to Belarus while I was over there…

    And, based on my data gathering… eastern European women all have ample, luscious, beautiful racks. I’m glad you’re upholding the tradition.

    Now I’m going to go kick a puppy… this post was too nice.

  • salma

    me??? no way, nonononononono

  • the_real_hunter

    Nice. You get my vote for favorite BLOTD just for your posting. Lots of pictures from all angles and you look good in each of them. BRAVO!

  • lazydayz

    hmmm She is very sexy indeed. Her body is fucking nice. Like the others said, overdid it with the make up a bit. But you can never have enough lingerie pics. 4 stars IF this is a real entry, which I’m still unsure about.

  • Stone Cold

    Hot…. I’d love to take her for a LONG LONG ride …..

    And thats the bottom line….

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    I have not seen a post this good since Phil McC was dude of the day!

  • Evil Dan

    You have gorgeous eyes, a beautiful face, and a perfect body. What’s not to like? Your ex must be kicking himself in the balls.

    I want to grab your bum. hold my hands up in the air, and shout “BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!”

    Also, Belarus is somewhat fascinating to me as my grandfather’s family raised horses for the Tsar there back in old Russia.

    Please have a bastardly time here at the Bastardly.

  • dunny


  • hula

    Very sexy yes, good answers (Blake yummm), awesome cleveage, I guess you’re of the “if you got ’em flaunt ’em” idea.
    You would still look good even without showing that much skin.

  • Bowser

    No homo?

  • hula

    yeah you can never make everyone happy 🙂

    salma — this sounds like a dare

  • lvcarguy

    payback is a bitch, ur ex-boyfriend is gonna be one jealous bastard!!! ur beautiful!

  • chuchutrainbitch

    Girl, you have some weapons of mass destruction on you!

  • bambigirl

    So how much would it cost to ship the bastardly t.shirt to Minsk?? haha

  • salma

    a dare? no way, she wins, I’m not posting nada de nada

  • hula

    I thought espanolas were tougher 😉 jk

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Nah, I just liked his FedEx jacket.

  • Leni

    Thanks for doing BLotD, 7/10

  • Caitie Harmful

    A welcome addition to the site.


    Cute flats, btw.

  • Mahavamst

    Good answers, great photos, such a pretty girl

  • nybiggs

    Is it me or are her boobs a different shape/size in like every pic.

  • greasy

    This is a win all the way around. Great answers, great pics of you (not group pics), clear pics, at least one shot of the butt, at least one shot off you in bikini/lingerie.

    Yes, great rack, great face. I have no complaints. But it is bastardly so……get a fuckin tan and wipe some of the warpaint off of your face and don’t make the kissy face in your pics.

    In pics 2.3 and 2.4 you look a LOT like Rashida Jones (used to be on the office)

  • salma

    I see what you want to do but NO

  • Phillip McCracken

    i just shed a tear… i appreciate the love. thank you.

  • Phillip McCracken

    like the paragraph.

    and i think your cute/pretty.

    nice BLOTD addition, and if you stick around and your attitude is as good as it was there, u will be a good addition as a memeber here.

    plus, one reason i love the internets is getting to interact with people from different countries and such.

    very cool.

  • FallenRawToast

    Not bad at all, welcome to the site.

  • Larry Sanders

    Wow, she is just pure awesome.

  • The Devil

    Hey, hey, hey Salma

    Let the girl take sexy pics if she wanna take sexy pics.

  • Leni

    correction, 6/10. You are not that pretty to me, you have a huge nose and I don’t like the shape of your lips, also, you have no hips and wish you provided a pic in a bra that’s not heavily padded. Your legs are too thin and your have pretty bad hair. I think ppl are only being nice to you because you sent in slutty pics, it always works.

  • FallenRawToast

    Slutty pics only work on me if they are well lit and not so damm grainy.

  • Leni

    Slutty pics only work for me if the girl in them is hot.
    Omg I’m being such a bitch today aren’t I? :O

  • FallenRawToast

    its ok, catty leni very rarely comes out to play, it is nice to see her once and a while.

  • Evil Dan

    Leni going Tim Gunn on her. It’s ok, I am like that too when I am drunk.

  • Leni

    but but, but she really doesn’t have hips, and for Eastern European girl she is pretty average looking. Oh and she looks like she’d smell of urine. YEP, I said that.
    me sober

  • Evil Dan

    LOL smells of urine.