UK Stuff: Two N-Dubz Stars Screw Up Accommodation; Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal.

N-Dubz stars Tulisa (centre) and Dappy, (right) messed up their accommodation as the groups name goes down in shame!

N-Dubz stars Dappy and Tulisa both ruined their respective accommodation areas in quick succession to leave the group hanging their head in shame again.

Lead singer Dappy has been ordered to pay in excess of £5000 for the appartment he rented in the Canary Wharf area, Docklands, East London. He used the pad predominantly for house-parties which saw him and his mates irreparably damage doors and furniture, while they were also accused of vandalising the place with explicit graffiti! The light-fittings and toilets were also busted; and food was left to rot, leaving Dappy with a hefty bill to make up for it. It apparently took cleaners TWO efforts to sort out the mess.

A spokesman for the rental company added: “He is obviously of the mindset that if he doesn’t own it, he can treat it as he likes. There is no way they are allowing him to get away with it. There’s too much damage.”

Daps has been blacklisted from renting again in that area and has moved back to his roots in Camden, North London, closer to his family home. He’s vowed to pick himself as his long-term girlfriend is expecting another child.

Meanwhile, Dappy’s cousin Tulisa dragged down N-Dubz name even further by trashing a hotel-room in a drunken-rage and getting booted out of it in Miami, Florida. She’s working for the American record label DefJam now, and has apparently gone wild while she’s been there. DefJam officials have often had to step in for the North Londoner, who ironically made a TV show just last week for troubled young teenagers with alcohol issues…Biatch! Luckily the final group member Fazer is having passport issues ad can’t get to America yet. A relief, for people with common sense!

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