Bastardly Lady of the Day Revisted: Alina

I was already a bastardly girl of the day but maybe again….

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  • lvcarguy

    your boday looks great and your titts look like they are fun for days. I approve.

  • lvcarguy

    body above sorry

  • Noah

    so hot i have to comment twice… where are the first set of pics???

  • Altair

    Fantastic boobs and ass, face is so so but mad props for posting your pics doll =)

  • FoxyRoxy

    Nice body.

  • FallenRawToast

    hyperlinked in the write up, click on “I was already..”

  • McPerv

    Fantastic body and hair.

  • lazydayz

    Great boobs. Looks much prettier in previous entry.

  • AlinaMaria

    Wow great body. I like your overall look a lot.

  • Leni

    Sexy body and you are so brave for sending in pics without makeup! Or just very confident and comfortable in your own skin which is GREAT. Thanks for doing BLotD twice, I like the first submission and like this one.

  • sandra

    I was a bit disappointed when I realized this wasn’t a AlinaMaria post but you managed to make me happy again.
    Really nice body, and you look good without makeup.
    I agree with Witz though, your eyebrows looked better in p. entry.

  • Evil Dan

    Cute. Nice bod.

  • Penny

    Nice bum.

  • Irons

    Nice, I love busty brunettes.

  • The Devil

    Man, she has such a hot body.

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    I like

  • JonYo

    She’s win all over.

  • Boz

    pretty and I like the name..

  • Mundo

    Well all I can say is that you got a nice looking body, love the legs, and that ass is great…oh also love the hair..I gave you 4 stars..and you very well deserved them..

  • Hannah

    Hmm pretty sure if I saw this on the beach I’d pretty much chuck my sunnies on, get comfortable and stare all day.

  • Voice of Reason

    I thought it was AlinaMaria too, not that I know how she looks anyway 🙁 Every time I see her username though I think of the song Anna Molly. That’s probablly instulsting because that’s cleary not her name but it makes me happy ok 🙂 Anyway, Alina Bastardly Lady of the day you have a lovely bummmmmmmmmm.