Irina Shayk Wants To Be ‘A Dog’; Young Boys 3-2 Spurs!

The Glamourous Girlfriend of Soccer-star Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk wants to be a dog in her next life!

IRINA SHAYK, who by now we all know as the model-girlfriend of CRISTIANO RONALDO, revealed in a serious interview that she believes in reincarnation and that she one day wants to return to this world as none other than a DOG!

She then also got slightly crazier by telling us the exact location and whereabouts of this dog CURRENTLY. In one of her first exclusive interviews post-Ronaldo link up, she claimed:

“In my next life I want to come back as my dog. He has the best life.

“Right now he is on vacation in Miami.”

After a couple of months with Ronaldo, she is going loony. She also admitted to having an impoverished childhood back in her native Russia, revealing: “Growing up we didn’t have any money.”

Well, CR7 has certainly changed that for you, hasn’t he bitch!? What is it that they say about women with pretty faces again!!?

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  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    That body is banging! Excellent passion.

  • IamLegend_2000

    can you say “Hallo I vant be citizen uf dis countree, tank you much.” nice watch & ring you’re sporting on that hand/arm & just who gave those to you, huh?

  • Boz


  • Freep

    ok she wants to come back as her dog. seems a more playful answer than serious one. but yeah i guess you never know someone is crazy till they open their mouths…not saying reincarnation is crazy. (im gonna come back as a 7.5 inch glass dildo)

  • The Headliner

    That could be the best or worst thing ever

  • FallenRawToast

    “(im gonna come back as a 7.5 inch glass dildo)”

    Which a fat greasy 500lb repressed male homosexual who lives in his mums basement is going to buy for “his pleasure”.

    dont die too soon Freep.

  • skilligan

    she really has it all, those lips make up for any other face weakness

  • Leni


  • Furry Frog

    “What is it that they say about women with pretty faces again!!?”

    That horny bastards are so bent on calling them dumb that they can’t tell an obvious joke and end up looking like fools themselves? This must be it, judging by some comments.

    Her face isn’t pretty, though.

  • McPerv

    and gorgeous.

  • Nookies

    Gorgeous girl..when shes not smiling..that smile is bad..I wonder what she looks like when she has her mouth wide open like an O shape.. Hmmm

  • bluntXhottie

    I find her ugly….
    those bags underneath her eyes (which I don’t think are bags)
    Her unsightly shaped lips
    Her jaundice like skin
    I see….GROSS!

  • Ghostwriter

    Not this witch again…

  • Peccavi

    so…. there aren’t any Irina pics here? i am disappoint

  • lazydayz

    Yes, excuse us for not recognizing the obvious joke, because it was so fucking hilarious. And it’s not like it was quoted as being taken from a “serious interview.” And it was put into such discernible context too. Clearly a joke.

  • sandra

    LOL! what if Cheryl bought it 😮