Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Own A Blackberry OR An Iphone!!

We’ve already reported that Kate Beckinsale will reprise her role as Selene in Underworld 4 but that won’t be due out until 2012. According to her Wiki, she’s got the film One Last Cry for this year but there’s no info on it. And according to her IMDb, she’s working on The Trials of Cate McCullough with Sienna Miller but there’s no info on that either.

  • IamLegend_2000

    I don’t care what she uses….call me Kate, I’m waiting by the phone OK….*deep sigh* like that’s gonna happen

  • Mundo

    Everything looks good on her except those shoes, how can she move on those…but that’s a minor thing, that I wouldn’t worry about…

  • the kitten

    omg she always looks perfect. i dont think ive ever not liked how she looks or what shes wearing. i wonder if she just has a very leisurely life and has lots of time to go to the gym all day, cause that body is super hot. i aspire to be whatever age she is someday and be a milf just like her. she is way too hot for her husband. she probably knows that though, and likes it.