Christina Hendricks Wins Best Dressed @ 2010 Emmy Awards (AGAIN!)

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
More red carpet pics from last night’s Emmy Awards here!

Christina Hendricks hit the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Award red carpet with husband Geoffrey Arend by her side. The star of the hit TV series “Mad Men” looked scrumptious as always, so props to whoever helped Christina choose the dress.

As for her lucky-bastard husband Geoffrey Arend: DAAAAMNNNN YOUU!!!

  • FoyFoy

    hahaha love the cam. She looks so good here, absolutely gorgeous and that dress looks great on her!

  • McPerv

    Utterly fantastic. (Or should I say udderly?)

    I like this very much.

  • braziliandude

    She’s incredibly good looking. Love the redhair. Love the humongous tits… But she’s into ugly guys… so I don’t think I have a shot there.

  • Mundo

    Those might be fake alright, but wouldn’t mind squeezing them a few times and slapping them around…

  • the kitten

    well her hair looks awful and all anyone (men and women alike) can think as soon as they look at her is “are they real?”
    her boobs are a major distraction. i would hate if people only looked at my boobs all day (i make an exception for this website, lol.) seriously though if i had big ones (which i dont, really theyre not that big) i would always make sure they were covered up so people wouldnt instantly judge me or not take me seriously

  • braziliandude

    newsflash: covered or not, we are going to instantly look at them…

  • Red On The Head

    Other than the milky, pillowy bosoms, I really don’t think she is all that hot.

  • dinodan

    Of course she wears a long dress to cover those hideous feet.

  • Masha the crusher

    talking about having no brain tissue whatsoever

  • SILIS101

    I am in no means a “feet” type of guy but this broads feet are fuckin’ menacing..deformated and shit

  • Peccavi

    haters came on of the woodwork on this one… interesting.

  • xNTA

    I dunno man. I am a firm believer that Hendricks could make everything better for me on a shit shitty day just by taking off her top. She’s magic.

  • Altair

    whoever is complaining her lovely milk bags are too much need to please step over a cliff and die…………..since when is their ANY time for there to be too much boobage?!

  • The Devil

    I don’t know if it’s age or make up, but she isn’t looking as awesome as she did say 3 or 4 years ago. I”m guessing it’s something that the gay Hollywood stylists are doing to her.

  • RDouble365

    Those tittays are R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.L.Y… :).

  • FallenRawToast

    I still think she should only be allowed to wear the clothes from Mad Men.

  • Boz

    Those are huge ass tittays!

  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    She could smuggle an IMMENSE amount of drugs across border lines underneath those puppies!

  • Larry Sanders

    Agree with this. She is just the best thing..