Caroline Wozniacki Sends Sharapova Home in Straight Sets @ US Open!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
This comes by request.

Unfortunately I missed the match yesterday, but it appears even Sharapova was no trouble for Caroline Wozniacki as she rolled through in 6-3, 6-4. You’d think Sharapova would’ve taken it to a third set, but serve sucks ass.

I have a feeling this chick might win the final, as well. She’ll either face Venus Williams or Kim Clijsters (my money’s on Clijsters) since Venus’ second serve sucks ass. And, who the hell wants to see Venus prancing around in her annoying “Fireworks” dress at the final?! All these chicks in the women’s draw are turning into marketing machines as opposed to concentrating on playing tennis. It’s sad.

  • Moe

    just updated this set w/ pics from yesterday’s match…

  • lazydayz

    She’s hot, but not all that pretty. That is one gummy fucking smile on 2.2

  • jimbo

    Neither of them are as fit as laura robson

  • dinodan

    Horrible smile and hairy thighs.

  • Tapper

    Sponsors will be lining up to pour money down her throat if she can keep this up. She’s been the least respected #1 seed in a long, long time. So far, so good and here’s hoping she can stay in the draw.

    2.4 could be a poster that sells in the millions.

  • Leni

    Cute, looks like she has really nice boobs.

  • BryanZee

    scary looking chick.

    i wish Anna K was a little better at tennis.

    i enjoyed watching her play.

    butch ass chicks like Serena Silliams are so un-inspiring.

  • barranr

    that thing in yellow would eat you alive

  • Fredrick

    Yep, there was a lot of pre-US Open complaint about Wozniacki being #1 seeded, but unlike the likes of Safina, Ivanovic et al in the past Caroline is actually playing like a #1 seed and she’s getting plenty of respect for it. I hope she wins the title, or at least reaches the final against Clijsters (I guess).

  • Freep

    “Venus’ second serve sucks ass.”

    yea it does. thats why she doesnt win championships….

  • J-Sin

    Dag, Sharapova just can’t catch a break these days. Go Venus!

  • Man-Spider

    Yellow shorts have never been so sexy! Love Caroline. <3

  • major_got_banned

    maybe she can stop giving that mini-handjob after winning each point. but probably not.

  • J-Sin

    …pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Philr Crackin

    Gotta LOVE Cute Sweaty Tennis Girls

  • Boz

    never really watch tennis.