Victoria Justice @ 2010 MTV VMAs

These were snapped last night at the Nokia Theater in L.A.

I know most of you guys don’t care what show or movie Victoria’s doing these days, so we’ll just update you on her jailbait graduation date. February 19th is the big day, so watch for Joe Jonas to jump on this in the coming months…BASTAAARDD!!

  • AlinaMaria

    she is really beautiful but i hate this outfit so much.

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Those shoes are irresistible.

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    Really, why?

    I don’t know much about fashion, but if you’ll allow me to go into fag mode, I’ll say that I think it looks good. I like the color, the shoes aren’t stupid looking, and she’s dressing like she’s supposed to. Wear something nice and short to the VMA’s, not a dress you’d wear to the Oscars.

  • miley syphylis

    she’s the third best looking girl on her own show. ariane grande (the redhead) is way hotter. so is her sister, but less so.
    victoria photograph’s real well but on her show she don’t look so great. she has a real ugly speaking voice that hurts her and is too bony and lanky. don’t be fooled by this site. they only use victoria’s best pics

  • Freep


  • Freep

    ^back from the dead? i half expected a ‘selena is way better looking’ drop

  • miley syphylis

    way hotter

  • BryanZee

    I agree.

    Way hotter.

  • Evil Dan

    Hottest Nickelodeon/Disney girl by far.

  • Freep

    get that weak shit outta here

  • My Cock Is Throbbing


    For the record, I prefer Victoria, but Ariana also makes my penis very grande.

  • FoyFoy

    Ariana is gorgeous but I still think Victoria is better

  • Bowser


  • Freep
  • miley syphylis

    try watching victorious. you’ll change your mind

  • dinodan

  • miley syphylis

    that chick is over 18

  • FoyFoy

    I’ve watched an episode, my opinion doesn’t change

  • RDouble365

    This Justice chick is unbelievably HOT!!!

    People, give Victoria some slack….she’s only young, she will start to work out, the body will get even hotter, then you will be wondering how the hell you could have doubted her ;)!!

  • Nookies


  • Nookies

    Ok theres only ONE way to settle this…….3 some with both of them, then as im resting for 15 min with a cig break, selena can join in.

  • Freep

    well here you go then

  • Freep

    Grande 1 Wind 0

  • karmathebitch


  • Adam Laws

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this chick?

  • FoxyRoxy

    Those girls are so gorgeous but that show, it’s terrible, just terrible.

  • Freep

    so far its you and miley vir…miley syphylis

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    I knowen victoria justice for several fucking years as a fan. A long time fan never leaves a spot on the mark.

  • Freep

    yea the last episode they just ichatted the whole time. pretty lame

  • Man-Spider

    Pretty Victoria is pretty – quite a shapely rump too… I would enjoy her immensely.



  • Voice of Reason

    Aw she said she loved me :’) How old is her sister? She’ll more than do.

  • spangly

    Actually I thought that was a funny episode. The comedy timing is quite good.

    BTW Freep, is that Miley Syphylis our old friend Miley Virus? Glad he or she is now on the Ariana bandwagon. One thing I like about Ariana is that she is proflific with the twitpics.

  • Freep

    thats not her sister IRL just on the show. but heres her twitpic

    her real sister just started high school so slow down pedobear

  • spangly

    I think Victoria is very beautiful but I agree with whomever above said that she is the third prettiest on her own show. I kinda feel that way too. She photographs well though and I don’t mind her thin legs at all. The only thing that I am not sure I like about her is her speaking voice…it’s rather strange.

  • LaLa

    Very pretty girl.

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    Whenever we get Victoria Justice bikini pics, my heart will skip a few beats.

  • AlinaMaria

    The colour is good yes, but i hate the print and also how the dress doesn’t fit properly on top, its creating a baggy effect around her stomach, it is just quite ill fitting. Also the shoes are too old for her. In fact I think that’s my main problem with her whole outfit, it’s far too mature. I’d like to see her dressed as a 17/18 yr old not a 27 year old.


    I want to tie her up in my basement and do bad things to her… out of respect for her work.

  • nybiggs

    The next megan fox… just remember I called it now and give me props later.

  • dinodan

    I am neutral. I think she looks way too old for her age, and looks stuck up.

  • miley syphylis

    hater alert? wtf? it’s true. emma’s over 18

  • Peccavi

    i see a bright future for this one.

  • Voice of Reason

    hahah I’m going to hell. Ye I read something about her having a sister and I saw a pic of Daniella and thought they were motherfukin blood. Daniella doesn’t look as good as she did in your first picture 🙁

  • Freep

    if you get props i better get cake

  • Boz

    she’s so pretty.

  • Dr. Smooth

    What’s up ya’ll been gone for a minute but I gotta say I can’t wait ’till February 19th and that douche Joe Jonas doesn’t need to get at her at all. And speakin’ of Joe Jonas DAMN U for gettin’ at Ashley Greene.And by the way I’m glad I was so right when I said Victoria was comin’ along quite nicely.