BREAKING! Shakira Took Photos Using Her Blackberry!!

Shakira appeared on the Late Show w/ David Letterman last night to perform her latest single, “Loca”, of her forthcoming album, “Sale El Sol”. The music video was shot in Barcelona because as Shakira says: “Barcelona is one of my favorite cities and has become a second home to me. The video is just about having fun and being real in this amazing place with real people.” Source

The new album will be in stores on October 19th, for more news, go to Shakira’s official website.

  • Glimmer

    dave had an lp cover. i wonder how many copies of that recording get sold in the vinyl format in the states ???

    10,000 ???

  • camelfro

    Her boots look like pleather. Disgusting. Fuck the cows. Kill them, eat them.. make then into boots.

  • Freep

    the pics i would take of her…


    Normally not a fan of midgets but I like this one.

  • the judge

    Shes tiny but perfectly formed the way she moves her hips n that stunning arse makes me wanna do crazy things

  • Altair

    that there is the absolute top of the heap, greater than my sweet Ariana……..good lord I would love to toss Shakiras salad.

  • salma

    Barcelona is one of her favorite cities, isn’t she lovely?????????????

  • Topkap?Saray?12

    This song(Loca)is better in spanish.
    She was prettier before,i think she has lost too much weight.

  • karmathebitch