Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Did “Jimmy Kimmel” Last Night

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

These pics were snapped last night in Hollywood as Snooki exited Katsuya Sushi restaurant. We’re pretty sure she got wasted soon after these pics were taken. Anyway, here’s a clip from the interview:

Watch Part 2 Here.

  • Leni

    lmfao, hideous!

  • the kitten

    omg shes getting even tubbier. i dont understand how she lets herself get that big, shes still so young and could easily just start going to the gym or something. i think she’d actually be hot (sans the fake tan hair and makeup and overall trashiness of course) if she lost a bunch of weight and worked on her body.
    yet i feel like maybe her fatness is like her calling card, it sets her apart, in the reality tv world at least.
    theres something i find fascinating about looking at her though…a character in a john waters movie always comes to mind for some reason…the big hair and gaudy makeup and stout body

  • Evil Dan

    I want her to die a horrible death and then have a monkey shit on her corpse.

  • The Devil


  • Freep

    “omg shes getting even tubbier.”

    you can make a lot of spaghetti with the money she’s raking in.

  • Stephanie

    Ugly piece of crap.

  • Altair

    her father was even quoted as saying “she can’t sing or dance but I won’t say she has no talent, what do you guys see in her? she just sits there and hoots and hollers” fucking scum of the US making easy money, these are indeed the end of days.

  • Boz

    yuck yuck yuck.
    Shoo.. go away!!