Fashion Rating: Rihanna Rocks Jeans & Shear Top in Santa Monica

These were snapped a couple nights back as Rihanna’s hanging out in Los Angeles these days to celebrate her friend Katy Perry’s upcoming nuptials with Brit comedian/man-whore Russell Brand. Early last week, Rih-Rih attended Katy Perry’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Here’s a pic from that:

  • The Devil

    One night, just one night only to be the meat in that sandwich.

    I’d die happy.

  • face84

    Arhhhh a red mop.. she should really just shave her head..

    A bold Rihanna would be hotter then a Rihanna with hair because her hair styles fail her ass all the time….

    Her body is ace.

  • barranr

    looks like a hooker

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    She probably will to be “edgy”

  • skilligan

    isn’t this par for the course for her?

  • face84

    lol yeah shes maybe saving the bold ‘edgy’ move for 2011..

  • Boz

    holy fucking fuck.