• dinodan

    Everyone in here knows that Candice is in my top ten, and quite possibly top three, and there is nothing from her head to her toes that I would change about her…but her booty-pop pictures are getting old.

  • FoyFoy

    She is absolutely gorgeous, by far the best VS model, so incredibly sexy!! seriously, NOTHING wrong with her… absolutely nothing.

  • Evil Dan

    I love her butt.

  • asgopt

    It’s so, so rare to have such a superb body with such a superb face to match it. Adriana has a gorgeous face, but her body still doesn’t hold a candle to Candice (although rack is better). Miranda has a gorgeous face, but her body doesn’t hold a candle to Candice. Rosie, same thing. Doutzen, well in my opinion neither her face nor body match Candice, but I think it’s no debate that Candice’s body is better.

    I just love her. She is so hot.

  • lazydayz


  • FallenRawToast

    She is hot enough for me to totally forget the taint that she is wearing a Kardashian line of bikini’s

  • Ari

    no wonder I thought those bikinis looked tacky!

  • Ari

    but she still looks amazing

  • Freep

    Moe, this post is for everybody. everybody is Team Candice!

  • FallenRawToast

    Indeed, seeing these pics, caused me to forget myself and totally ignore my PM’s, phonecalls, and my mother calling me down the basement stairs, for at least 10 minutes.

  • FallenRawToast

    You know someone is going to come along and shit on this statment of yours, just cause it is the interwebz. Just sayin.


  • J-Sin

    And that person would be me. Team Doutzen!

  • FallenRawToast

    That sir is why I am just Team VS!! Cause im just a man whore.

  • The Headliner

    Team VS is the true way to go.

  • d55

    Her frame is so feminine, and you know, i think VS does make her butt smaller than it is in their photoshopped pix. Why the fuck they would do that is beyond me. They do it to some of adriana’s pix, as well. For ex, in below pic, they got rid of her back thigh and ass. They made her look spastic and actually published this absurd pic:

  • FoyFoy

    wow that looks really bad, I hope whoever did that got fired

  • Leni

    what the… whoever did this should be shot

  • karmathebitch

    and god created Candice!!

  • AlexAfonso

    i´ll risk it :
    she´s perfect

  • The Devil

    Man, she is on fire.

  • Boz

    she’s awesome.

  • Ari

    That’s not a huge risk

  • Larry Sanders

    She is so frickin gorgeous