Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Share Jamba Juice!!

Kourtney Kardashian still puts up with her baby’s daddy, Scott Disick, even though the family hates him. A “friend” says that Kourtney becoming pregnant again could be a possibility. Kris Jenner doesn’t approve of him and worries that if Kourtney were to become pregnant again that’d she could end up alone.

“Kourtney says that if she gets pregnant right now, she’s be thrilled. Scott hasn’t proven that he’s a good father or part of the family yet,” Source

  • dinodan

    Kim’s knees look horrible. She has bee kneeling way too much.

  • RDouble365

    I dunno what Kourtney is wearing, but the puppies look good in it!!! Kimmy K looks like Kimmy K does most of the time – banging body good!!!!

  • d55

    kimbo doesn’t even look real anymore. Bitch looks so plastic and creepy that she looks like a wax figure. Didn’t this whore say in the past that she’d never wear fur again? How the fuck is wearing a coat that has the tails of 2 dead and skinned foxes hanging off of its shoulders considered attractive? How can one get this fact especially when the fur pieces are intact tails? When will she just drop dead? I want her dead…literally.

  • googleshoogles

    i’m sure thats not the first time they’ve shared something 😉

  • d55

    get past* this fact

  • FoxyRoxy

    Yep, she’s the hugest fucking hypocrite for wearing fur, she said after Khloe did the PETA photoshoot she wasn’t going to wear fur anymore, also:
    “She told E! about what Reggie did to her while they were at Sundance. She said, “I was wearing a fur vest, and he was like, ‘This is humiliating. I can’t go out with you.’ We were driving past the protest and he was rolling down the window and screaming, ‘She’s in here. She’s in here.'” LOL!
    So I guess now that she isn’t dating Reggie anymore she doesn’t give a fuck now.

  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    I get how some people like to be well-dressed and have nice style, but just once in a motherfucking while wouldn’t one want to not wear prom makeup, a shiny wig and animals on their backs?
    I mean, okay so she goes out sometimes in work-out clothes.. to.. get her nails done!
    Please excuse me, I just strongly dislike her way of life and if I were a man planning on sexing her up, she would definitely have to have a bag over her face because there’s no way I’d want all that shit on my pillows.


    pig and a monkey walk down the street. . what’s the punchline?

  • Boz

    They were in hurry drinking the juice before Khloe came..

  • d55

    Bitches like her have no personality of their own. They are easily influenced and lack in self-esteem. They mold into the type of personality their partners have; they are the type i absolutely loathe. They have no backbone or principle.