Kim Kardashian Brings The Afternoon Links!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

- Fergie Cleans Up Pretty Nicely [HollywoodTuna]
- Charlie Sheen Just Had ‘One’ Bad Night, Folks. Calm Down. [The Superficial]
- Console Asylum: Yup, People Are Hurting Themselves With Kinect [Complex]
- And Madge Dives In! [Dlisted]

- Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Back On! [I'm Not Obsessed]
- Wilmer Valderrama hooked up with Demi Lovato [Celebslam]
- Hotties [Double Viking]

- Miss COED: Dani Yee [CO-ED Magazine]
- Denise Plays With Puppies [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]
- Miley Cyrus Shows Under Boob Tat [Celeb Jihad]
- 20 Amazing Facts About The Dollar Bill [Manofest]
- Minka Kelly, Stephanie Levine, Eufrat, Sugey Abrego, Flavia Lucini, & Friends [Busted Coverage]

- Allain Victoria [Flabber]
- Christina Aguilera Might Have Been Cheating [Yeeeah!]
- Oksana Grigorieva is looking for Mel Gibson’s affairs [The Blemish]
- Adriana Lima Drops Serious Supermodel Cleavage [The Grumpiest]
- Rachel McAdams As A Blond? Yes Please! [Popoholic]

- Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

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He had her before she got fat, so he def. hit that jackpot at the right time.

But now? He didn't lose nothing really. He'll make off with a decent amount of settlement money also.....

Like a pimp!


I like the link that starts "Christina Aguilera Might Have Been Cheating [Yeeeah!]" I am positive that bow legged ho was cheating. I sure doubt monkey boy would. He hit the jackpot with her. She wants to munch carpet and try some sliced ham now. She is just checking items off her to-do list. "Marry, have baby, munch carpet, etc..."


Um, what is Kourtney wearing?


Kim Kardashian Brings The Worst Flabber Link Ever!

Figures, birds of a feather.....



Don't even know why i bother clicking on this shit.

Oh yeah, the links.....


don't like her with the hair pulled back but she is still really pretty

Hanson McCock
Hanson McCock

I wouldn't look twice if I ever saw her walking on the street. Okay maybe I would, just to make sure she can still blink with all that Botox.