Kim Kardashian @ 2BHappy Jewelry Collection Launch in NYC

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

These were snapped later in the evening yesterday after Kim arrived back into NYC from a short trip back home to Los Angeles.

As most of you bastards know, Kim’s currently doin’ winter in NYC for her reality show. Kim & her two sisters opened a SoHo location of D-A-S-H, a boutique targeted mainly towards women (big booty not necessary).

  • jamieson

    is that a smudge on her cheek or just dirt on my monitor

  • Boz

    fuck no.

  • the kitten

    its wierd, i never like the way she appears in photos, but ive seen her on a couple of appearances on tv lately and she looked absolutely stunning

  • Auntie Krist

    Never understood why people made her popular. It’s like saying, “that crap smells like shit,” and then people smell it. Skank Whore, Yes. Beauty, Fuck NO. Take this bitch out of bastardly and never put her on.

  • d55

    Looks more like the prostitute she is here. Hey, whore…stop trying to make your eyes look cat-like. You already had eye surgery to get them slanted. You used to have round eyes, and that is why your eyes look creepy as hell now because half your pupil is covered up by your lower eyelid (due to your surgeon pulling your skin around your eyes more than he should have).

  • Larry Sanders

    great rack.

  • Naughty Little Girl

    I’d pay to ride it tbh.