Caption This! (Kim Kardashian & The Charmin Bear Edition!)

Kim Kardashian will promote anything for the right price as negotiated by her mother Kris. This time she’s seen at the opening of another Charmin public restroom in NYC. She’s there to promote the 15 stalls that offer a clean environment for folks who need to use the bathroom on the go. Any what the answer that Kim was coached to say for promoting a public bathroom:

About a week ago, Kourtney and I were out shopping with my nephew, Mason, and it was almost impossible to stop and find a changing room for him. It literally ruined our shopping experience. So I can only imagine what it’s like shopping during the holidays. So anytime I can kind of, you know, align myself and put awareness to, you know, getting great people jobs and opening up a great clean facility, you know, why not? Source