• L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    Adri and the other girls are looking cute.

  • theVIRGIN

    dear santa,

    help me get laid, for the love of God….give me mrs clause if worse comes to worst…you will have her back in 30 seconds

  • asgopt

    Rosie and Candice are too adorable. And I like that Adriana seems like the kind of girl you would enjoy being around even when not having sex with her.

    But back to being not that impressed with Eren. Really, next to the other 3, the rest are so bland, even if they are better than the average.

  • jimbo

    wow, happy christmas indeed, ill be happy if santa leaves anyone of them to unwrap on the day

  • salma

    Adriana Lima singing Feliz Navidad was funny

    Candice is like an angel

  • Boz

    Love all of them.

  • ItalianGuido

    any one else get a boner.

  • spangly

    I am so in love with Candice and her riveting eyes.

  • Ari

    Lima = man voice.

  • johnconnor77

    I am officially in love with Candice, her voice is like the sweetest thing I ever seen…

  • johnconnor77

    her voice reminded me of Miley Cyrus, of course Adriana’s hotness level is a 1,000,000 times higher

  • johnconnor77

    Candice, I’ll take you on a Safari on Christmas day…

  • Leni

    Candice is just adorable, she’s like a living Barbie doll, so gorgeous! Adriana may not have the nicest voice but she’s beautiful, goofy and sweet. Rosie is very hot, looks better in motion than in pictures. Don’t care for the other girls.

  • Ari

    Haha I knew I’d get hated for that…I clearly think she is GORGEOUS. But, she does have a man voice.