Hot or Not: Whitney Cummings @ MTV’s NYE Celebration

Whitney Cummings (born September 4, 1982) is an American comedian, actress, former cast member of the MTV television show Punk’d, and former model.

Her television appearances have included Comedians of Chelsea Lately, Live Nude Comedy, The Very Funny Show and the Comedy Central Roasts of Joan Rivers and David Hasselhoff. In August 2010, her first one-hour special premiered on Comedy Central titled Whitney Cummings: Money Shot. In 2010 Cummings went on tour with Denis Leary and the Rescue Me Comedy Tour to promote the show’s 6th season. [Wiki}
Whitney Cummings – Copying Porn Moves
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  • johnconnor77

    2-3, that’s the way to sit ladies…..NOOOTTT

  • Mike Litoris

    She’s probably a hoot in the sack.

  • Noah

    i like the spread eagle. i also like that other blonde chick who has the late night show

  • JonYo

    Am I the only one who confuses Whitney Cummings with Natasha Leggero all the time? Only in stills though, their comedy is very different. NL is far more funny and doesn’t rely on the “I’m a really angry chick” thing, like WC does in order to deflect from the fact that her comedy is kind of limited.

  • TouchMeOnMyStudio

    her face is a bit cher anjelica huston fuck, but the body is hot!

  • azezeal

    that would be a not hot

  • The Devil

    She’s aiiight.

  • Boz

  • Angus

    I hate this dude.
    I swear if I ever met him I would bash his head in with a shovel.

  • Goliano

  • Freep

    idk why bro. leggero is pretty hot. cummings isnt even close

  • Nookies

    NO DON’T DO THAT. You can’t use a shovel, There might be a chance of survival. May I suggest a 12 gauge buckshot to his face..AA12 style?