Khloe Kardashian Rocked Nikes To The Gym! Shows Off New Hair!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

There are multiple stories surrounding Khloe these days so let’s run through them even though most of you bastards won’t read a word:

1. The new red hair color! Apparently this is a big deal. I wonder if she dyed everything red? I’m pretty sure Khloe will Tweet with the photo within the next 24 hours to create some more Kardashian-Family buzz. (I’m pulling my hair out as I write this, by the way.)

2. Khloe has a new reality show which will feature footage of her life w/ her temporary husband Lamar Odom. Fucking Ryan Seacrest needs to be caged with & then raped by thirteen angry midgets & twelve monkeys. Who do I call & pay to make this happen?

3. And lastly, the Kardashians are being sued for $75 million for the credit card debacle back in November when tried to fuck over innocent kids who have no business owning a credit card in the first place. The company behind the card is claiming the the Kardashians unlawfully bounced-out even though the two parties signed a two-year deal. I hope it’s finally obvious that these girls will sign their name anywhere just as long as they’re being offered some cash. Seeing how their deceased daddy was a big-shot L.A. lawyer, it’ll be pretty ironic if the Kardashian Family Empire’s downfall occurs in court. As you bastards know, the American media is great at building up celebrities and then watching them painfully crumble. More on this story as it develops.
Photo Credit: Splash News Online