Busy Mila Kunis Hits Critics Choice Awards, AFI Awards & W Mag’s GG Party!

Photo Credit: Critics’ Choice: Bauer-Griffin; Others: Various

I hope you bastards are ready b/c the next few weeks are gonna be packed with an ocean of red carpet pics from various award shows as we head to the Oscars in late February. With the Golden Globes tomorrow night, yesterday was packed with smaller award shows & Golden Globe parties.

Mila Kunis, with the help of her work in “Black Swan,” didn’t miss a beat. She hit 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium, W Magazine’s star-packed Golden Globe Awards Party & 11th Annual AFI Awards held at L.A.’s pimped-out Four Seasons.

She’s obviously not turning down any invitations, so if you’re a deep-pocketed Hollywood sugar daddy, splash out a couple mil & throw a party in honor of the newly single Mila, who’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress all over the place. I’m sure that’ll get her attention, even though you might come off as a lil’ creepy, but there’s also a chance you might come off w/ Mila Kunis rockin’ your world. Definitely worth sucking in your pride & going for gold, in our opinion.

And, here’s Mila dropping a few words @ last night’s AFI Awards. Props to Bowser for the video link: