Bar Refaeli @ Escada Sport Fall Fashion Show After Party in Berlin

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Bar Refaeli attended the “Escada Sport Show” as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011. Earlier in the week she attended a screening of her upcoming psychological thriller Session. If you haven’t view the trailer, check it out below.

  • d55

    She looks old and young at the same time. Unless her perfect boobs are on display, she is super boring. Her torso is very long and her legs are very short even though she is wearing black pants and high heels, which are hidden under the pants so they actually give the illusion of longer legs.

  • Peccavi

    fuck this outfit, fuck you leo, bar, you’re cool.

  • FoxyRoxy

    The fuck is she wearing?

  • Ari

    She needs to let her hair go back to the natural color. I loathe dark roots and blonde/orangey dyed hair.

  • lazydayz

    zzzz Boobs or gtfo.