Cheryl Burke Showin’ Off Her Bikini Bod in the Dominican Republic!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

This goes out to all you bastards who love your women a lil’ meaty!

Cheryl Burke, the first two-time champion of ABC’s hit show “Dancing with the Stars” was running around the beach while on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The dancing diva was striking some dance poses as she soaked in some Caribbean-flavored rays in the middle of winter! I think we could all use some R&R in the Caribbean—especially those of us stuck in the northeast.

  • Zac Efron

    Well, as evidenced by her flat stomach and thin arms, she is clearly not fat. She is one of those women with a naturally thick frame. She’s not meant to be thin, you can just tell. Even if she lost 30 lbs, she’d still look wide compared to someone else of the same height and weight.

  • Jack Hunter

    She’s meant to be sexy, and people don’t get that. She’s really attractive.

  • Freep

    yeah sooo i scrolled down and saw cheryl showin off bikini bod and got super excited until i saw it was cheryl burke

  • Boz

    Hahaha.. well dont you have Cheryl’s bikini pic?
    of course I’m talking about ur Cheryl.

  • Irons

    I bet she fucks like a mink and looks great doing it

  • Leni

    I’m not a fan of Cheryl but I admit she looks good in a bikini. The legs are too meaty for my taste but it works for her. She’s not fat and her skin is to die for.

  • skilligan

    i like the thick legs

  • spangly

    Well put Leni. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • The Headliner

    She looks great!
    Very sexy

  • Otto

    little too heavy for my liking. if she lost 10-15lbs she would look great IMO.

  • dinodan

    She is a classic pear shape body. All the weight she gains goes to her lower half.

  • Skimode

    I find her verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sexy! With a lot of rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

  • BryanZee

    The only two things this Cheryl chick has really going for her is she’s a great dancer and also a native of San Francisco.

    She scores a 2.1/10 on the Bastardy Cheryl Scale.

  • Moe

    damn. pretty harsh.

    2.1?!?! dayumm.

  • Mundo

    Well she definetly has the meat in all the right places..but I just can’t get pass her face..looks kinda dorky to me…

  • BryanZee

    Hey the Bastardly Cheryl Bar is set high.

  • RDouble365

    Loving the curves, and loving that flat stomach!!!!!! Hot.

  • Eloise

    I don’t think she’s fat at all and has some beautiful curves, but she does look like she’s gained weight since the show’s not on right now, which would explain some of the confusion the guys who are looking her up are having.

  • BryanZee

    Its a curse.

  • Freep


  • salma

    you are a fucking curse

  • BryanZee

    shut up you gypsy!

  • Altair

    I dig her body, the right type of thickness imho

  • salma

    vete a la mierda cabrón!!!!!!!!!

  • BryanZee

    brb google translator

  • BryanZee

    I am, a bastard.

    Hence me being here =)

    brb google translator again…..

  • BryanZee

    odian a odiar

  • salma

    te odio tanto

  • salma

    te odio tanto que hasta me gustas

    translate this, cabrón

  • BryanZee

    hacer el sexo?

  • salma

    por favor

  • Nookies

    Salma cuando vengo a España debería dejar que me golpeó

  • salma

    you never quit trying, don’t you?

  • BryanZee


  • AlinaMaria

    She should be more toned and lean if she’s a dancer.

  • The Devil

    Waits for one of you idiots to call her fat. . . .

  • BryanZee

    What a fatty

  • BryanZee


  • Nookies

    I’m very persistent. I blame the 22 year old hormones

  • AlinaMaria

    She isn’t fat but she is not in the condition you would expect a professional dancer to be in.

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    She’s fat. There. I said it.

  • salma

    ohhh, you’re so young too!

  • Nookies

    Yeah, But lucky for you I like older girls 😛 Spanish girls are like fine wines. Get better with age.

  • salma

    you can bet 😉