• skilligan

    i am not a fan of her face in these pictures BUT the body is amazing

  • nybiggs

    The first pic on the main page had me thinking of the Joker with the forced grin and overly made-up face. Some of the others are okay though. Her body is insane as always.

  • barranr

    it’s a wonder she’s not walking on top of that water

  • BazaarCity

    3.3 is too similar to her Shape cover. Kim is overrated. I do give her props for cashing in on the hype.

  • FoxyRoxy

    It’s not difficult at all to hate on Photoshopped pics, it ‘s actually really easy.

  • Red On The Head

    Yeah, she’s still beautiful. Even without the photoshop. Call me, Kim. Buy us a private island in the Caribbean.

  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    This is too late, but to you up there, ^^
    Have fun on that private island with this diaper assed girl.. all you two will be doing is sitting and whining, while you watch her stare at her squinty face in her compact mirror for hours. You will wait for the sex, but by the time she changes her outfit ten times, checks her “Twitter” twenty times, reads her precious emails, blogs a bit, applies a new thick layer of makeup, and baby-talks about how much she misses shopping, it’s time to go the fuck home buddy.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    No longer a fan, never been one, I indefinitely retired.

  • Irons

    not a fan. I wish it and it’s equally worthless siblings would just go away

  • xo

    her face is fucked! damn.. just keeps getting worse..

  • Phillip McCracken

    anyone see that piers morgan interview?

    apparently the use of “Masking tape” can make a set of tits look fake… LMFAO…

  • babygirl2000

    Her face was alright a couple yrs back but her face is disgusting now like a damn camel hate you kim die already thanks

  • Larry Sanders

    tbh I’d rail her without the photoshop.