Minka & Leighton Promote “The Roomate” @ The SoHo Apple Store!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

First of all, I know we’re bordering on overload with these two chicks, but like we’ve always said in such situations: Enjoy it while it lasts!

As you guys know, Minka & Leighton are making appearances pretty much anywhere they’ll be accepted, so for all guys who want them to pop into your bedrooms for a few minutes, make sure you hit up their new film’s marketing department—ASAP!! On a more juicier note, did anyone catch these two at the Apple Store in Soho?! I can’t fucking believe I missed it. It would’ve ranked up there with: 1. Meeting Alessandra Ambrosio & 2. Talking with Bai Ling (and yes, Jackson & I lead very pathetic, unfulfilling lives).

Anyway, my original title for this post was going to be Mic Holding Technique Matchup: Leighton & Minka Do The SoHo Apple Store, but we didn’t wanna scare people away. We’ve learned over the years that easing you guys into this type of shit usually works better when it comes conducting one of our lame polls.

Before we move to the poll, we’re gonna have to plug Minka & Leighton’s new flick “The Roommate.” The film hits theaters on Friday, so make sure you bastards hit it up! It’s got “Instant Classic” written all over it! Just do yourself a favor & refrain from reading reviews before watching the film! It’s always more exciting this way…

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