Day 2: More Cheryl Burke Bikini Pics From The Dominican Republic!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

When we posted Cheryl Burke’s bikini pics yesterday, comments were all over the place, so we decided to showcase a few of them in a poll down below.

With this latest batch of pics from Cheryl’s vacation in the Dominican Republic, which comment do you agree with most?

  • Mundo

    Man, on her last post I commented that she had a nice body but the face wasn’t that great, but now I think I could live with that face as long as that bod came with it…Dayumm, those are some nice curves, and great pooper..

  • Irons

    I bet she points her toes when she’s getting banged, too.

  • alphamega

    Ummm, so this chick is hot but KimK isnt..
    Guess Im just not a fan of pears..

  • The Devil

    Wow, just wow.

    I love dancers’ bodies.

  • the kitten

    if she had more of an ass i’d like her a lot more..but shes cute i guess

  • spangly

    I think she is hot. She rocks the curves well.

  • FoyFoy

    I stand by what I said!

    though she’s cute because of her confidence, she’s not hot.

  • BryanZee

    same here!

    We combine our votes because its for the same cause. Which is NOT HOT!

  • FoyFoy

    agreed! So basically we win!

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan


  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    Hideous.. who is this?

  • Boz

    I’m with Foyfoy.

  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    I’m sorry, but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t understand how someone can “hate” this. I admit, my word choice was a bit evil, but this is not an attractive person. At..all..

  • Leni

    I’m wondering how her body would look if she was not a dancer, I’m thinking she’d be fat or at least chubby.
    She looks good in a bikini, I’d not want to have her legs myself but she has a flat stomach, nice hips, proportionate body in general and the most beautiful skin so I’ll go with hot.

  • Buck Nasty

    Hot. roofis> not a fan of the ladies I see.

  • dinodan

    Agreed, cute for the confidence, but I would never consider her hot.

  • Altair

    I love those curves, bad ass body and face in the right angle is ok.

  • Roofus the Gingerbread Man

    Whoa whoa, this is just not true.
    I have very high standards of beauty, and I prefer women on the thinner side.