BREAKING!! Kelly Brook Wore Leather Pants To Her Meeting!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as Kelly Brook was spotted hitting up a meeting at the luurious Beverly Hills Hotel. We’re not sure whether the meeting took place inside a bedroom, so if any of you Beverly Hills Hotel housekeepers wanna chime in with photos, videos or general information, please do so below.

Anyway, Kelly Brook’s latest project is titled “Burn Off” & co-stars include Michael Madsen and Craig Lamar Traylor. Here’ some plot action:

“Burn Off” tells the tale of Peter Hansen, a fit man who closely watches his weight like a stockbroker watches his stocks. He marries a fit woman who within a year becomes a fat woman. His desire for her and himself to become the perfect weight leads him to a diet drink called “Burn Off,” which does and does not do what it advertises: the user loses weight but also loses all sense of reasoning. Peter doesn’t know whether to blame the drink or himself for turning into a sadistic murderer and keeping his wife a prisoner in his basement. [Source]