Irina Shayk @ “SI Swimsuit Models on Location” at LAX Nightclub

Photo Credit: WENN

Irina Shayk, 24, is a native of Emangelynsk City, Russia. She was discovered in 2004 while on a three-day train ride from Chelyabinsk to Moscow. Since then, Irina has been featured in Intimissimi, Lacoste and Guess campaigns. This is Irina’s fifth appearance in the Swimsuit Issue. []

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Here’s Irina’s interview w/ David Letterman:

  • skilligan

    getting even sexier

  • Phillip McCracken

  • General Delacroix

    I know I’m going to generate a fair amount of hatred for what I’m about to say, but at least half of the models in this swimsuit edition look like dudes. I’m not even saying this to be mean, I’m actually surprised.

  • Mike Litoris

    Nice ass but that top lip bugs the shit out of me.

  • Evelina

    I am actually with u on that one – I am not too impressed either… they could definitely find hotter chicks…

  • Moe

    here’s another interview for those you who can’t get enough:

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Looks a bit rough around the edges, but you could work the clay until it’s soft.

    Lips look like Lisa Rinnas; like she’s been punched in the mouth and with a fat lip, or they are severely bee-stung.

  • blake motherfucking griffin

    she’s gorgeous. she got trashed on here last time for wearing fur but she’s a hottie

  • PR Diva


  • PR Diva

    Shapless noodle body, there is nothing fantastic about it.

  • Evelina

    I think that her lips are part of what makes her so unique looking – and I actually don’t think it’s silicone… I wouldn’t change a thing about this girl – she is simply breathtaking…

  • Mundo

    Lovely girl…mesmerizing eyes..

  • ladylazarus

    LMFAO!! She is mad funny!! Omg she’s awesome. Everything about her.. she’s charming, witty, intelligent, fun, oozes sex appeal.

  • Irons


  • Pretty In Purple

    She’s so intelligent.

  • Elf

    Hot. I love everything about her, even the busted top lip. But hey, we all have imperfections. We can’t afford to be too picky, can we?

  • Irons

    We pick stars apart and make them cry on here.

  • BryanZee

    Not too sure about intelligent….

  • Tapper

    Like how she pulled the KGB crap when she was asked about her “boyfriend.” Guess that’s better than just admitting to being his beard. First interview I’ve seen with. Hot and funny is a great combo.

  • FoxyRoxy

    I found that interview really awkward and weird, it’s like they were each talking about completely different things.
    Also that audience was retarded, they laughed at the most random times.

  • ladylazarus

    Well she’s pretty articulate and witty even with her heavy accent.

  • d55

    intelligent? hahah come on now. You’re just seeing what you wanna see.

  • d55

    That’s what i was thinking.

  • FoyFoy

    I couldn’t get through it, she’s hot, best stick to takin pictures to be honest…

  • Larry Sanders

    yep yep

  • The Devil

    Remember, this is a foreigner, who probably hasn’t even been speaking the English language for more than a few years or so.

    To be comfortable enough in a new language to have little comedic timing and flirt is an accomplishment.

    I guarantee none of us would do as well on live TV in Russia.

  • d55

    She has a boyfriend with whom she communicates in english and have a relationship, which means she has more than enough english to give a decent interview. When i was new in the states for the first time, i was doing pretty damn good. We’re not saying she is dumb. Most likely, she has average intelligence but to say, “she is intelligent” means she is so intelligent that you feel the need to point out, and in her case, i don’t see it and highly doubt it (not because she is attractive). Plus, if you were gonna major in marketing in your own native language, chances are you’re not that intelligent/smart anyway. We all know our own capabilities more than others.

  • Nookies

    Goddamn I would destroy that ass if I got her nekked. Then when shes passed out from our heavy love making i would take some nudies and post em for all bastards to see….

    Oh wait, Moe doesn’t allow nudity of hot chicks.

  • Nookies

    where are you from originally?

  • Pretty In Purple

    what a hater, sheesh!

  • Boz

    Moe also said, links are okay.

  • The Devil

    HE doesn’t speak English any better than she does.

    And she GAVE a decent interview in English. Most American models wouldn’t give David Letterman as good of an interview as she did. She was flirty and charming, when most models would’ve acted timid, ESPECIALLY when they are speaking in another language.