Kelly Brook Makes Trailer Trash Fashion Look Hot! OW!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in Studio City as Kelly Brook was spotted hitting up Urth Cafe wearing a short white top that showed off her midriff & a par of pink skinny jeans. As always, she looked absolutely delicious! OW!

  • OnlyADream

    If she’s just running an errand, she’s fine minus the cheap looking top.

  • anita massengill

    i saw her completely naked on celebslam

  • Evelina

    Hmmm… she looks “granny-ish” here for some reason… I wouldn’t check her out if I saw her walking down the street… and I agree with previous bastards – she looks old for 31…

  • RDouble365

    Man, she looks good. If trailer trash looked this good, then we wouldn’t really complain about them being trash :).

  • AlexAfonso

    looks tasty to me

  • FoxyRoxy

    Luv u!

  • Boz

    she still looks hot.

  • lazydayz

    This is shit.

  • Prof Bastardly

    Jeezus…This chick is absolutely perfect. Great smile, great teeth, spectacular shape, wonderful hair, and doesn’t even need make-up. The outfit isn’t her best, but who cares?

  • Stephanie

    she desperately needs a stylist, and a tailor.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Yes her clothes suck but she’s so sexy, I want to make out with her body.

  • Caitie Harmful


  • The Devil

    I’m all up in that.

  • Nookies

    Can I watch?!? plz? Wait fuck. Confidence is key when dealing with members of the opposite sex. K let me have another go at this.

    I’ll join in. Don’t worry ladies plenty of me to go around.