BREAKING! Amanda Seyfried Drinks GT’s Kombucha Tea!

Photo Credit: FAME

These were snapped yesterday as actress Amanda Seyfried was spotted outside a Beverly Hills restaurant waiting for the valet. As some of you bastards might know, Amanda’s currently Ryan Phillippe’s on again/off again sex-toy (when he gets bored and when she’s feelin’ like it).

When I hit “The Roommate” a couple weeks ago (yes, I burned cash on that thing), I saw the trailer for Amanda Seyfried’s latest film “Red Riding Hood,” which hits theaters on March 11th. I just remember watching the trailer and thinking to myself why celebrities do such obviously shitty movies, but I guess when you’re being offered a shit load cash, why not, right? Plus, she sleeps around with one of the modern kings of shitty films Ryan Phillippe, so I guess his shity tastes are rubbing off on her. Then again, maybe I’m being a lil’ too harsh b/c there are plenty of great films w/ really shitty trailers…umm, anybody wanna help me out & name a few?

Ayway, Here’s a closer look at Amanda chugginng down on her Kombucha Tea:
Photo Credit: FAME

  • johnconnor77

    I love her

  • one-1

    I will see the movie…I think she looks cute

  • Stephanie


  • Gabbo

    I think she’s underrated, might be an in real life that doesn’t come across in pics. Here are some closeup pics that I got of her though.

    And you can imagine this one however you want.

  • Caitie Harmful

    Everything I’ve ever heard about her has been positive.

  • Boz

    She’s fucking hot!!!