Vanessa Hudgens & Emily Browning Hit Up The Lakers Game

Photo Credit: WENN

Not so shocking news that nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens have once again been “leaked” onto the internet. Count it now, this is the THIRD TIME we’re talking about nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens. Seriously, you’d think she’d learn but not a chance or this could just be an entire catalog of photos previously taken that she’s just slowly “leak” near the release of her movies. By the way, Vanessa’s next movie Sucker Punch hits theaters next week and Beastly is already in theaters.

Well, as you longtime followers to the site can assume, we aren’t touching this subject but why deny you all the pleasure of looking at the (unfortunately censored) latest leaks that Vanessa has to share with us.

  • skilligan

    she is very cute, and she has sex appeal, people hate on her because she has that smirk

  • Some Guy

    Vanessa is so trashy. And talentless. And that smug grin she always has is so unjustified.

    They should have never gave that bitch money!

  • Cat46

    Dumb bitch.

  • dims

    She is o.k looking, nothing great.

  • dims

    She is o.k looking, nothing great.

  • Bob Miley

    ppl hate her cause she’s a stuck up bitch and a no-talent slut

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    I hope the next pictures we see is Vanessa busting her ass in those ugly ass pants

    Side Note: great to see Emily Browning acting again.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Emily is adorable.
    The more I look at Vanessa the more she looks like a shaved primate to me.

  • TouchMeOnMyStudio

    filipino? that’s the reason for the subliminal tranny vibe i get from her.

    and regarding that latina thing: i think what richard wants to say is that he doesn’t like women that fit the typical latina cliché (long brown hair, big brown eyes and bronzy skin). latinas oftentimes are referred to as quintessence of femininity and sexiness because of the features that richard obviously does not find attractive (hence “common” and “plain”). as soon as someone has that dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin, people seem to be in awe, like in vanessa hudgen’s case. but unlike richard they apparently don’t see that she’s fucking ugly (hence “overrated”).

  • FoxyRoxy

    First of all, you’re an idiot.
    Second of all, she’s not Latina, she’s Irish, Native American and Filipino.

  • TouchMeOnMyStudio

    and because she’s ugly. her sex appeal is that of a third-class hooker, which is always a negative thing. absolutely nothing special about this ape.

  • cali-17

    I’ve never been a big fan, but you’ve got to admit that her look works a lot better when she’s got her weight under control. She’s passable in the pictures dinodan posts in the comment section. In the main post? Not so much.

  • AlinaMaria


  • Richard Cranium

    Yep, she’s foul. Brunette’s assassinate my libido. Plus she’s latin on top of that. Latina’s are like roaches: they’re everywhere. Common, plain, and overrated. I can’t stand them. So someone please please please spray this common cock roach with some pests-be-gone.

  • Boz

    whoa, Richard…

  • Dr. Smooth

    Vanessa in pants.This is outrageous!

  • spangly

    I love this growing and throbbing hatred of Vanessa Hudgens. I think we have all grown sick of her bullshit and now categorize her with the Lardashians.

  • Eloise

    No, I think she’s actually cute. I just hate on her because she has no class and is so desperately trying to be perceived as a whore.

  • spangly

    Now that we have the Rosetta Stone we can henceforth interpret Richard Cranium’s remarks.

  • Richard Cranium

    And Fillipino is a combination of races including latin. It’s considerd a multiracial race. So I was still right dumb fuck. That bitch is a mutt.