Meat Lovers: Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Cassandra Estevez Huffman in L.A.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

26-year old Cassandra is the daughter of Paula Speert, Charlie’s high school squeeze. It appears her relationship with his daughter’s still fine b/c last year he attended Casandra’s temporary wedding to her own high school sweetheart. Considering how much cash Charlie dishes out in support, I’m pretty sure the relationship is still running along smoothly even w/ all the crazy drama over the past couple months.

These were snapped earlier this afternoon in Los Angeles as Casandra picked up her dogs from the vet w/ her husband. We’re pretty sure the couple also picked up a quick snack…

  • Pretty In Purple

    Moe, you are dead wrong for that! lol!

  • face84


  • face84

    she a chub and pretty in the face.. as most chub girls are.. why cant the ugly ones be fat il never know.. i guess they know they need there body coz the face wont do it.

  • Nookies

    She obviously doesn’t snort even a quarter of the coke charlie does or else she’d be skinny.

    Hollywood’s diet:

    Breakfast: 2 ciggerettes
    Snack: 2 lines of coke
    Lunch: 3-5 ciggerettes
    Snack: 2 lines of coke
    Dinner: Salad followed by 1 line of coke.

  • FallenRawToast

    I lived that diet for part of my 20s, although I found that it worked better when I used 151 for the dressing on my salad

  • anita massengill

    if charlie had fathered her with a latina she would’ve been hot

  • Boz

    Charlie Sheen’s got bad bad gene…

  • The Devil

  • the kitten

    yea thats kinda true. ive seen some very pretty faced girls who are quite large. actually one of the prettiest girls i ever saw was this girl i knew who was a hostess at a restaurant but she was huuuge. i always thought, if only. i mean im talking like her face was on the level of adriana lima.
    at least theres hope for them though, i mean they could just lose the weight, then they’d be good to go.
    im not as shallow as i used to be though, i think, and im becoming more accepting of the big (not too big though) and beautiful, as long as they are nice people and have a sweet smile or something, it can be kind of endearing