Stacy Keibler & Katrina Bowden @ “Dressed to Kilt Charity”

Photo Credit: WENN

Stacy Keibler and Katrina Bowden were two of the celebrities that walked the runway for the 9th Annual Dressed to Kilt Charity fashion show at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Other attendees included Kellie Pickler, Louise Linton, and the ladies of Stealing Angels. Hand me my boots because I’m about to go skiing!! OW!!

  • Irons

    If this is a little boob competition we’ll call it a tie.

  • RDouble365

    Looking at Stacy’s legs will never get old…..but as a total package, Katrina wins this hands down. What a lovely little white booty it is!!!

  • RoastedNuts

    I think they are both hot. But I’ll take Stacy if given the choice between the two. Question is, would either of them pick me? Probably not.

  • Leni

    Stacy is hotter.

  • Freep

    KKatrina is winning todayka

  • Peccavi

    i give the tip to katrina… simply based on relevance. she still has some, stacy does not. now if stacy wanted to do playboy, i may have to reconsider.

  • KobeBryan

  • RoastedNuts

    I’m with Leni. Stacy is hotter.

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    Both are meh. But yeah Katrina is slightly less “meh”

  • johnconnor77

  • ladylazarus

    Stacy is annoying and plain. Her facial expressions make me irate and she’s WAY too tall.

  • Caitie Harmful

    Define “too tall”.


  • The Devil

    Stacy’s wayyyy hotter.

    How many 6 foot tall blondes with perfect asses and long legs are there in the world?

    The other one looks like half the White girls in America.

    Well, obviously not the obese Southern ones, but you know what I’m saying.

  • major_got_banned

    wow stacy keibler found a charity for a country with no people of color. i am shocked.

  • Leni

    Way, way. Stacy is boring but her body shape is way better than Katrina’s. Stacy has an amazing ass and Katrina’s is photoshopped, I can’t believe people don’t see it.
    Also, Katrina has ugly eyebrows, bad skin and ugly smile. Oh, and a weird head and disgusting hair.

  • Caitie Harmful

    You need to take a little hiatus from here.

    Your B.S. is getting a little…much.

  • The Devil

    And who the hell are you again?

  • Caitie Harmful

    Who am I?

    I’m one of a number of people who are a little sick of your backhanded racist comments.

    Who are YOU?

    Some fucking cyber jockey spouting off shit that would get him in a world of shit if he ever decided to open his jizztrap and utter it aloud.

    So you can spout off as much GFTO or you don’t care comments as you want, but a quick word to the wise, comments like the one you made are FUCKED. I DARE you to make one more. I fucking DARE you. Because I can spout of some shit that’ll make you never log on here ever again.

    Try me.

    Jump if you’re feeling froggy, son.

    You want to spout that shit? Take it over to the KING Magazine forum. But what you said, that’s crossing a number of lines. Really precarious lines. If anyone else made a comment similar to that, you’d be crying foul for days. And don’t deny it. You’ve done it before.

    Keep the racist shit to yourself, OK?

  • The Devil

    Here we go again.

    Catie’s taking the internet too seriously again.

    Reading into things where they don’t exist.




    Aren’t you the one who’s mad at me for thinking Katy Perry’s hot?

    Olivia Munn?

    They’re not Black are they?

    Hell, I came into this thread to give Stacy Kiebler a compliment.

    She’s White aint she?

    And blonde to boot.

    You’re just one of those overly sensitive pussies who are always looking for a reason to be offended.


    Cause I favor one blonde haired White woman over another?

    That’s a new one.

  • The Devil

    *waits for Hater Alerts on all my posts*


  • Caitie Harmful



    I’ll let someone else take this.

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