• Tapper

    I absolutely love red dresses with black hosiery, so I think she looks great here. However, as Bolt Uprite noted earlier, her hands really do betray her other efforts to stay hot. She may not have a 57 year-old face or body, but she surely has 57 year-old hands.

  • skilligan

    best 57 year old i have ever seen by far

  • spangly

    She definitely still looks good. Great choice of outfit too. I want to splooge on her sexy pantyhose covered legs!

  • Leni

    Still hot, I like the dress and shoes.

  • azezeal

    Hah she looks insane at 57, Best not let Fergie from the BEP’s see her she might do somthing crazy

  • dagon

    how is she a cougar wikipedia says she has 4 kids

  • asgopt

    She is ridiculous; her beauty is truly timeless. I think she’s what got me liking blondes, and here she is, still a hottie.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Looks very good, and I always thought she seemed like a sweet person too.

  • McPerv

    Though she’s a bit dumb or naive. How else to explain her outrage that her husband banged an 18 year old hottie? Well duh, he has a penis doesn’t he? She should try living just a week with one of these things!
    If you don’t want to be with a man who would bang an 18 year old hottie if given the chance, then you just shouldn’t be with any man.

  • Mundo

    I think it’s rare to see a 57 year old this fit…she must work a lot….and she still has that appeal and sexiness…now I wouldn’t mind at all….

  • asgopt

    In her defense, she is eons better looking than the 18 year old. If I had Christie as a wifey, I honestly wouldn’t have looked in that girl’s direction, but that’s just me.

  • Peccavi

    god tier milf…. i really wanna say i would, but i don’t know that i could follow thru for sure.

  • McPerv

    I disagree, never saw Christie Brinkley’s appeal. Even in her prime, Christie Brinkley did not look this good:


  • the_real_hunter

    I would…..a bunch of times.

  • Melzie

    Fucking amazing! Plenty of bitches in their 20s don’t look that good.

  • FoxyRoxy

    So women who want to be in a monogamous relationship with a man should just
    A) Become a lesbian or
    B) Kill themselves.
    I see.

  • sexybunnie

    If its possible she is even more beautiful now! She was kind of cheese faced back in the day (always beautiful though) but GOD its insane she puts most young models/celebs to shame!

  • McPerv

    Not every man will look for opportunities. Just saying that if an opportunity presents itself, men have limitations, and it’s not something to get bent out of shape over. A man can have sex with another women without feeling the slightest diminishment of love he has for his wife or girlfriend.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Yea, but most women won’t accept that and will still feel like shit if their husband/bf cheats on them, no matter how much he claims that the other women he sleeps with mean nothing to him and that he still loves his wife/gf completely. I don’t see how a woman shouldn’t get bend out of shape over that.
    Also, what’s the point of certain men getting married if certain men will stray, unless they have an open marriage and their wife feels the same way. The whole thing seems pointless to me. You have a tendency to look for sex elsewhere? Don’t date women who want to be monogamous.

  • McPerv

    I’m piling up the hater alerts! LOL.

    I didn’t say certain men will cheat, I said ALL men will cheat if the right opportunity falls in their laps. Not all men will actively seek out the opportunity though. I just think women have to come to terms with the reality of how powerful the physiological pull is, men have to fight against millions of years of evolution that got us to this point. If your man actively seeks it out, dump him. If he occasionally slips up, I say just deal with it, it’s not the end of the world.

    Women probably have the same pull to a lesser extent, and husbands/boyfriends need to show a little tolerance too.

  • ladylazarus

    Looks amazing for her age but was never that hot. She’s as generic as they come. She’s very meh imo and actually looks better now than she did in her prime. Weird.

  • ladylazarus

    I agree. She’s hot. People just hate on her bc she’s the “other woman” and Christie is “America’s sweetheart”; she’s that blonde, blue-eyed, eighties supermodel vegan who smiles so often it’s annoying. I actually think it’s funny she got cheated on and was so outraged as well. I completely agree with you, McPerv which is why I have never and will probably never be in a serious relationship with a man. That is 100% how men are: inherently insatiable, hedonistic and opportunistic. Women need to get over their need to feel validated and “special.” Sorry, no one is that special through the eyes of a man. There’s a saying in Spanish that goes, “Culo nuevo es siempre mejor,” which translates to “new ass is always better”… It’s all about the conquest. Pussy is pussy. The girl doesn’t even have to be hot, if she’s handing it to him on a silver platter, he WILL take it. That’s just the reality of it. I have learned to accept it, idk why others don’t do the same.



  • sweetndsour

    Yes she’s hot…but cmon it’s not due to good genes…just a shitload of plastic surgery that could make anyone look hot