Kim Kardashian Lookin’ Bootilicious In Her Sketchers! OW!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures (first two); INF Photos (last pic)

So, does Kim Kardashian get paid for EVERYTHING she does through the day? Life’s simply not fair, damn it. These were snapped earlier today as Kim left a Los Angeles fitness club showing off her various assets.

It’s fairly obvious that when she’s not filming one of her E! reality shows, she’s shrewdly pimping brands that send her fat checks or attending events that also send her boat loads of cash for walking the red carpet. It’s going to be very interesting how Kim Kardashian & family can transform her career down the road when her beauty starts fade & her booty starts to sag
Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

  • OnlyADream

    What’s going to happen to her ass when she’s in her 50s?

    I’m already saying ewwwwwwwwwwww to her present ass

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    I’d like to see more of the Jenner sisters. No, silly. Not Brandon and Brody, but Kendall and Kylie.

  • skilligan

    that ass is still the best in the business

  • vanessaxoxx

    what is with that hairstyle?? she has like a quiff thing going on…

    sorry,im just trying to distract myself from her massive derriere.

  • FoxyRoxy

    I thought it was Kourtney for a sec.
    Also, omg she’s not wearing makeup!

  • Boz

    I’ve a feeling that she’s gonna age horribly.

  • Caitie Harmful

    That’s what I thought, too. I was like, that’s not Kim…that’s Kourt.

  • dinodan

    That is a whole lot of spandex holding everything in place.

  • Mundo


  • dillan

    I can’t believe I have something nice to say about Kim but…
    she looks better in tights than Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Cutiie Patootiie


  • Leena

    That’s racist!
    There are Black Women that have bodies like that. Please be more respectful.

  • Mundo

    Leena I don’t know if I should apologize, or just laugh at your comment..believe me I had no intentions of casing on black women booties at all…or trying in the slightest manner on being racist, I just wanted to make fun with Kimo..if anything you are the racist in this case cause you are comparing black women to a fake photo…sorry, but my best friends and even relations are black…

  • dinodan

    She is just self conscious because she is a “real woman” with a fatter ass than Kim.

  • Leena

    I am racist? Does this pic look fake to you?

    Some black populations have asses like that. Making fun of it is racist.

  • dinodan

    That is just a deformity

  • Mundo

    that is just as fake as the one I did…I downloaded it, and checked it out, and you can see added pieces merged on top of the others….now if there is a remote chance that this is real, (which I doubt) then it’s like dinodan says, it’a deformity of some kind…has nothing to do with racist…I even check the Guiness world book of records in deformities, and there is no mention of this photo….

  • Leena

    LOL the amount of dumb people on this site amazes me. You are extremely racist for calling that a deformity. I should have you banned but not before we can have a full display of your stupidity. Go read some books idiot.
    I bet these are a “deformity” too?

  • Leena

    “I even check the Guiness world book of records in deformities, and there is no mention of this photo….”
    That’s because its not a deformity racist creep!

  • Mundo

    Well think what you want…but to me you’re the racist creep, cause if you see a phoney picture of big exagerated butt, you jump to the conclusion that it’s a black person…now that is sterotyping someone…never did I mention any races of any kind…you are the one putting this into view, not me….

  • Leena

    umm wow…
    So if i someone posts a pic of someone and digitally alters it with a huge Afro on their head in a sarcastic manner or Asian eyes….that is not racist?
    Like i said Some Black women have Asses like that and putting that up in a comical sense is not funny at all and racist according to me.

  • Leena

    *I meant to say some populations not SOME

  • Mundo

    There you go again…so you’re saying that black people are the only one’s that have big asses? I know there’s big asses in just about every race, black, white, brown, red and blue… so why in the heck do you assume that the butt on Kim I made is making fun of black people? I did not put an afro on her, or painted her tell me that..

  • Caitie Harmful

    *hands Mundo a pistol*

    You were in the military, right? And you’re a Texan?

    Have fun.

    When you’re done…grab a brew and come on in. I made quiche.

  • Leena

    You need to educate yourself. Those kind of asses are specific only in certain populations.

    Get lost troll. Just cause i said you don’t look like a tranny doesn’t mean you look feminine or good