• Caitie Harmful




    LOVE her shoes.

    And no Casey, then I’m barely interested.

  • I Am Right

    Check out jojo’s high arches!

    I want to dip her feet in chocolate and slowly lick it off.

    Her body was built for sex.

  • jimbo

    Jojo looking great, id like to kiss them tattoos!

  • Mundo

    Doggie style Jo Jo..is what comes into mind, Dirty Dirty Dirty,..I know, so click away…lol.

  • Big Daddy

    I wonder if JoJo wouldn’t very much mind a little A.I.! I’d love to blast her to Kingdom Come.

  • Zac Efron

    wow who knew Jojo had such a nice body…

  • Melzie

    Jojo looks really good here. Her hair and body. Her face is still not great, but it’s not awful either.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Damn, Jojo outshined Audrina at her own event!

  • The Devil

    I like Audrina, but dig her tatted sister a little more.

    JoJo, is just scorching.

    I would love to molest her (with her permission of course)

  • Irons

    “there was a launch party in which practically no one showed up for, not even her sister Casey. None of her former The Hills co-stars nor anyone that she’s worked with on Sorority Row or Into The Blue 2, nor anyone from her season on Dancing With The Stars.”

    That is funny as hell!!!

  • spangly

    omg yes. I didn’t know you were a fellow foot fetishist!

  • Dr. Smooth

    I did:)!!!

  • Dr. Smooth

    Wow Audrina’s little sister is built better(in my mind)than both of her sisters!!! Now if you’ll excuse me….. Oh yeah and JoJo can still get it.