Tiger’s Rachel Uchitel In Miami Beach With New Boyfriend Matt Hahn!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
These were snapped earlier this week in Miami Beach.

For those of you guys who follow college football, you might recognize Matt Hahn. Rachel’s 25 year old boy-toy is a former fullback for Penn State and currently holds a job as an insurance underwriter in NYC. Believe it or not, but the dude is actually sharing Rachel’s $2 million Park Ave apartment while he gets his shit together. The (temporarily)-madly-in-love couple are in Miami celebrating Matt’s 26th birthday which goes down later this week.

As for Rachel, besides living on Tiger’s secretly-funneled millions, she recently landed a gig as a private investigator in Manhattan, so all you married NYC sugar daddies who’re currently cheating on your wives, watch your back!!

In a recent interview Rachel talked-up Hahn by stating, “He’s the best thing that’s happened to me in as long as I can remember.”

Uhhhh, what the fuck about Tiger, Rachel?! Did you already forget about how he secretely funded your lavish lifestyle while you two had crazy sex on his “Privacy” yacht?!

  • Mundo

    Douchebag, meets Golddigger….let’s see how long this charade lasts….but I guess the sex is good, while it’s there….

  • Glimmer

    but I guess the sex is good

    really ??? i think getting their name out there to the media is more important to them than good sex…

  • Mundo

    Yeah well that too..at least for her, cause you know she’ll go to the next idiot that comes along…

  • Glimmer

    ‘Douchebag, meets Golddigger’ was beyond classic. i’m in tears… 🙂

  • lu__89

    why would the paparazzi take pictures of this woman??

  • face84

    That man looks so yum i love his thickness mmmm!! now with that woman one word sums her up and its butter.

  • matrix

    I have seen a lot better way better…

  • dinodan

    That is a nasty sunburn the dude has.

  • nybiggs

    Would you want Tiger Wood’s sloppy 15ths? I say no but more power to this dude.

  • Dodgemagnum

    This guy better watch out he doesn’t get a wandering eye for some other hot piece of ass while she’s still in the picture or he’ll be the next one to get the 5 iron wake up call upside his head

  • cali-17

    We could use more pictures like the last one on page three: Good-looking woman. With a hot body. At the beach. In a bikini. And with her hands above her head. Wow.

  • Nookies

    Still blows my mind how stupid men are..Men KNOW or has a friend thats read about her so they don’t have enough sense to know that girls like that and her are nothing but trouble. It’s amazing that a guy will even look in the same direction shes in..I mean she doesn’t even have the “looks” to get by on it :S

    She must do anything in bed and be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose im guessing.

  • McPerv

    Yeah she’s not that hot in the face, but she obviously does tons of shit that Tiger’s wife wouldn’t do.

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    LOL @ some of the comments on here.

  • MelodicDeathMetal

    Anyone else think the hairy guy here is super yummy?

  • FoxyRoxy