Demi Lovato Lookin’ Healthy Again! Jets Out LAX w/ LV Bag in Hand!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

So, what did she look like when she was going through the whole eating disorder drama? Whoever is counseling Demi is doing a great job b/c she’s looking very happy & healthy as she continues her recovery. If she puts on a few more pounds, we’d even induct her into our juicy meat lovers category (and I mean that in a good way, damn it!).

Anyway, these were snapped earlier today as Disney star spotted jetting out of LAX. Recently she teamed up the Jed Foundation and Seventeen Magazine to promote a new movement called ‘Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect,’ but we all know how the child-star industry really works. Sadly, if you’re unable to handle the stress that comes with the territory, you’ll merely be sidelined and ultimately no one will give a shit about you. It’s the harsh reality of Hollywood.

  • Some Guy

    Maybe she’s jetting off back to Texas, where she can score an eight ball and get gangbanged at a party. (Yes — this really happened.)

    Welcome back, Demi . . .

  • crackrocks

    fuck, i want in on a Demi Lovato gangbang. she coulda at least called me.

    so not fair.

    • Mack Power

      So would I

      • Mack Power

        Even if were not involved in the gangbang I would pay to see it!!!!!

  • Otto

    I like her hair.

  • Dr. Smooth

    Ladies let this be a lesson to you on the effects of “I’m With A Douchebag” syndrome can do to you. Now anybody who’s been on here for the last 2 years know that I’m completely sprung off this girl but c’mon Joe Jonas totally f*cked with her head and had her cutting herself or whatever the hell she was doing when they broke up and he went running to Ashley Greene just to not do a damn thing with her either. All men aren’t douchebags but damnitt ladies wise up because when you get a hold of 1 get rid of his sorry ass and don’t look back. And by the way DAMN U JOE JONAS x 2!!!!!

  • vanessaxoxx

    I have never thought she was that pretty but she looks really nice here .

  • eliza

    She’s got a pretty face and nice booty.

  • Cat46

    I think she’s cute.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    You know I get mixed feelings about this girl. A part of me thinks she could be a cute nice girl but the whole punching out that chick, gangbang and all that… I can see why her and Selena aren’t tight anymore…

    Or maybe Selena is able to hold her secrets better?

  • McPerv

    She’s hot, this is a little chubby but I wouldn’t complain, and her face on 2.2. is heavenly.
    She is still a spoiled narcissistic cunt, though. The drugs didn’t cause her to be a cunt who talks down to people and smacks them around just because they aren’t as famous as she is.

  • spangly

    Demi is just another insecure Disney child. I think she is naturally chubby and when the hormones transformed her into a short, kinda chubby adult it didn’t please the bosses at Disney and she started taking it out on others. She is a good singer but we all know that singers also have to be beautiful and sexy and thin unless they reach DIVA status (aka Mariah Carey and Aretha, etc.)I hope she sticks around because I find her kinda attractive.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Those jeans are not very flattering.
    Also, Leena wrote in the ABB post: “But why aren’t big girls posted here? all i see is very skinny tranny looking models.”
    Well, here ya go!

  • skilligan

    she is cute just short

  • RebbyRader

    Cannot stand Demi Lovato.. Bleh.. she can suck my left nut

  • Zac Efron

    I think she looks gorgeous with black hair.

    (leena is going to come and say i’m racist against whites because I prefer Demi with dark hair. LOL)

  • Peccavi

    she’s already gone crazy once… clearly not cut out for this shit.

  • Zac Efron

    I love her dark eyes, so pretty

  • sexybunnie

    aw man she is such a cutie but really having the coke bloat bloated face thing going on. She isn’t fat, her face is. Thats why I dont dig those fat moon heads. you automatically mistake them for fat chicks; which is never a good thing!

  • face84

    With all your comments i was expecting her to look like a beach whale but no, all she has is a little fluff… which is more then fine.. her face is chubby, don’t get it confused with the rest of her folks.

  • face84

    True, for woman it just makes em look butch in general not delicate.. big heads suit men, as most females would agree they don’t want there mens head smaller then theres lol.

  • Nookies

    Talent > looks over anyday of the week..Well maybe not in the “disney” age range, But some of the most talented actors, writers, musicians are below average on the look scale.

  • Dodgemagnum

    I’d put her on a special protein diet, to be injected orally or vaginally three times daily…

  • McPerv

    She can suck my cock.

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Big girls need love too.

  • Bolt Uprite

    On the other hand, she’s managed to escape Disney without making a pile of crappy movies.

  • face84

    oh dirt!

  • karmathebitch

    she looks better with lighter hair

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    She isn’t pretty, and she is fat. She has a double chin and a bit of a muffin top. I bet her ass looks like cottage cheese. Fucking vomitrocious. >_<

  • I Am Right

    It takes a confident man to be with a chubby girl like Demi. I believe I’m just the right type of man for her.

  • Leni

    She looks like a fat hamster now but she’s not when she is in shape

  • Leni

    typo, she’s hot when she’s in shape, that’s a nice thickness

  • Zac Efron

    I love her!!! and I actually like her face too but I seem to be in the minority. Back when her and Selena Gomez used to go to events everywhere together, I always preferred Demi while everyone else was obsessing over Selena but I find Selena really plain and boring and she looks 12.

  • Leni

    I like her face too, I think she’s cute.

  • ladylazarus

    Look who’s talking. Fucking fatass TROLL. Your existence= “vomitrocious”… What are you twelve? Oh but wait you have a kid, that’s right. But then again you’re ghetto rican so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • David_Hot

    I think she’s cute, I’d hit that

  • Mack Power

    So I would hehe