Motley Crue Rocker Vince Neil Hit BOA Steakhouse With His Hottie

Photo Credit: FAME; Pacific Coast News (far left & tattoo)

Can you really blame the dude for using & abusing his Sugar Daddy Card? That bastard!! Rock N’ Roll is definitely not dead and hot chicks know it!

Even though he was recently charged with assault by his ex-girlfriend/gold-digger, Vince Neil still found a hot date for a fancy dinner & sex date. As the Motley Crue sugar daddy left BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, he flashed the papz his new tat, which read “Whore Island.” We’re pretty sure he made his mystery brunette lick it later once they got back to Vince’s pimp-pad…

  • Cat46


  • Glimmer

    poison and the crue will be playing in my area this summer.lock up your moms… 😉

    and why wasn’t this post labeled for the ladies ???? i mean come on ‘whore island’ they got to appreciate that. 😉

    and don’t forget the vince neil sex tape…

  • FoxyRoxy

    Looks like a typical rocker groupie whore.

  • Zac Efron

    both ugly. and she looks kind of old. i mean theres nothing wrong with that of course, but when I enlarged the pics I noticed shes not as young as I thought she was. she looks around his age.

  • Irons

    She looks great, even with the lowboobs.

    Was there somebody else in the pic?

  • Evil Dan

    He seems to have it more together than Brett Michaels.

  • Mundo

    Well got hand it to least he’s not choking the chicken….I guess that’s where the money comes in…

  • Boz

    Hm.. that’s a funny tattoo (funny not in a good way).

  • The Devil

    I thank God everyday for Nirvana getting rid of douchebags like Motley Crue.

    Now, if only somebody could get rid of these asshole pop/punk/emo motherfuckers.

  • Glimmer

    it’s ‘whore island’…

  • Glimmer

    actually you can blame clearchannel for choosing the branch of emo they did to push to the masses….

  • Melzie

    Double fug… but I think the whore island tattoo is pretty funny.

  • spangly

    Vince is not my favorite rocker by any stretch of the imagination. But I give him respect for being on “Skating with the stars” and not being afraid to look like a fool when he kept falling on his ass on national tv. But you can tell there is something wrong with his thinking if “Whore Island” is the best tat he can come up with.

  • The Devil


    Clear Channel didn’t own all of the radio stations until after the 1996 law was passed mang.


  • Glimmer

    what you’re saying ’emo’ was played on big radio stations before 1996 ???? really ?? maybe that was just a n east thing. but nation wise ’emo’ wasn’t a name radio genre until after then.

    how much ’emo’ was played nationwide pre clear channnel getting evrything ????

    not that i’m some ’emo’ expect but i think in that time frame we were still suffering from grunge or rap-metal/metal whatever…

    ’emo’ didn’t become a big radio genre until after clear channel got to run almost everything.right ???

    and regardless even if it wasn’t clearchannel got to get alot a blame. and if that didn’t have evrything pre 1996. they likely had a majority.

    but maybe i’m not the one to ask since i don’t care about ’emo’ or nor do i care about that trad rock band named nirvana.

    but that just proves i don’t have penis. so i guess i lose.

    the point was there was like 3000 branches of emo. maybe if a different branch/versions) was pushed for radio play. people like you wouldn’t make fun it. that was the *main* point.

    sorry if it wasn’t clearchannel’s fault(but i don’t see how the hell they’re not blameless.shouldn’t get alot of blame)

    i never really paid attention to radio anyway.since i don’t know how to rock…

    sorry if i get it wrong when many complain about ’emo’ they usually mean the ’emo’ that currently gets played on the radio *now*. so i instantly blame clearchannel….

    but anyway thanks for the correction…
    goes to look for that band of susans cd….prove i wasn’t punk or metal. 🙂

    we needed to get rid of nirvana and the pop/punk/emo stuff and make things safe for rock like this. i wish.

  • Glimmer

    what ’emo’ band was getting prime time mtv play and played on nation wide ultra commercial radio statios pre nirvana ??

    ok which ’emo’ bands this in in let’s 1992-1994 or something ???

    which ’emo’ bands were getting cds in top 50 on the album chart circa then or pre nirvana pretty much none.

    yeah i know it may be different for you as an east coast person. but nationwide…

    sorry maybe i jumped the gun but on a national level when someone say ‘yes nirvana’ then bashes emo they usually mean the radio emo that hit post grunge/post nu metal.which would usually place us well within the clearchannel era. and if they didn’t own everything they owned way more enough to ‘push’ things…

    and yes,people/you can just dislike emo,whatever branches of emo but i don’t think it hit the level of ultra insult/everyone jokes on it until the radio type emo hit/was pshed/took the media lead.

    did the general public really notice it before then ????

  • The Devil

    Nirvana’s not emo, I’m sorry.

    They were what Ozzy Osbourne described as “Black Sabbath meets the Beatles”.

    That’s not emo.

    They were an alternative rock band inspired by punk and metal.

    Emo is like My Bloody Valentine and Fallout Boy

    Nirvana was a fuckin’ rock band, not emo.

    I didn’t know you were a girl?

    *uses imagination*

    *Homer Simpson ogle*

  • Glimmer

    i *know* nirvana wasn’t emo.and i know there was emo before nirvana.

    the point i was making was radio ’emo’ wasn’t until after nirvana. not during the same time/nor before.

    i’m sorry you want to act like it didn’t happen that way.

    and my bloody valentine wasn’t emo. i really think you’re joking with that one…

    “Nirvana was a fuckin’ rock band”. which was why they sucked. the same make chorus stick out like blind person needs braille/gonad growl/super guy-ish singing and riff rock crap i got into alternative to avoid.

    why didn’t crap rock bands like nirvana pretty much never had any females in them ??? use your imagination…

  • Dr. Smooth

    For once even I don’t have much to say about this besides chick is *meh* at best and that tat is hilarious.

  • Glimmer

    Clear Channel didn’t own all of the radio stations until after the 1996 law was passed mang.

    and if you want to go with that/name some emp pre 1996 that was all over mtv in prime time. could debut a cd in the top 20 on the album chart/go gold/platinum was . was hyper known name not just to people into indie/punk but to people that mostly just listened to big clearchannnel/clearchannel type stations… ???

    so it’s safe to say ’emo’ got big in commercial/sales/potential airplay post 1996.aka household names

    so even going by your own words my bit about blame clearchanner makes plenty of sense.

    unless you got a list of ’emo’ bands that were as big as pearl jam…aka household names pre the time span you set…

  • The Devil

    You’re right.

    I didn’t mean My Bloody Valentine

    I meant My Chemical Romance.

    And why don’t most bands have women in them.

    I mean, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix Experiencce didn’t have women in them, does that mean they suck too?

    R.E.M and The Replacements do they all suck too?


    I mean c’mon.

    What do you only listen to Tori Amos all day or something.

    Now, I see you’re just a snob who doesnt like rock music, but that’s more your problem than Nirvana’s.

  • The Devil

    Emo got big because as a reaction to Limp Bizkit and Korn and that whole “macho frat boy” shit.

    If anything Nirvana and Pearl Jam were very sympathetic to the plight of women as Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder both considered themselves feminists and they were very big on respecting women.

    Don’t blame Nirvana for that bullshit, blame the backwards baseball cap wearers who were such idiots that they forced the next generation to go in the opposite direction towards those emo pussies.

  • Glimmer

    the devil most of the music that i love was done by mix gendered bands.proof that i’m weirdo i’m the pretty much the only person/hell maybe the only person on this site to ever say that..)

    also it’s the the idea of rock fans see that all the bands they like are pretty much just guys.and it doesn’t even matter.barely worth noticing to them. and it seems the bother ‘the guys’ alot less.

    females in band.who gives a damn. losers like me.but hey i’m it doesn’t count.

    mix gendered bands sound different to me.and they usually sound better. you can usually tell if a rock band is mix gendered such by the sonics.just as much as you can tell a band is all guys just by the sonics.

    “I mean, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix Experiencce didn’t have women in them, does that mean they suck too?

    R.E.M and The Replacements do they all suck too?


    look into my eyes. yes, think all those bands suck. i have no artistic respect for them(aside from thinking they may have done some good lyrics)

    i don’t care if you like them,i don’t care if whomever on this site like them.i don’t care about they’re status in rock cannon.i don’t care if band that i liked/liked those bands…

    i got into alternative because i wanted something different. actually i got into alternative because i wasn’t interested in the rock music i knew of/had heard.(which pretty much includes your list)

    but i had an interest in it and i felt something else was out there. in the accessible but not the usual stuff.

    i just felt there wasn’t anything good out there (sort of like how i feel now…)

    the music you list seems more like the list of someome that was already still in love with music/liked ‘everything’. so the alternative music you gravitated was the usual stuff ala nirvana.

    well something for everyone doesn’t interest me. especially since everyone liking everything/the same think/having ‘the same’ views on rock/same aesthetics/same ways of hearing/the same ‘this is good list’ (generalization.but see the bands you list as an example…)

    just leads to a bunch of bands/views i’m out of synce with/don’t agree with and band music( yes,my take on it)

    on the other hand i mention thing i like/like the band of susans,the dustdevils “struggling electric and chemical”, th’ faith healers “lido”
    lorelei “everyone must touch the stove”, bleach (the british version) ‘killing time’.medicine “the buried life”

    whatever and your usual rock fan/i liked nirvana type will have the same reaction as if you played a recording of the wind. ‘what is this ???

    sad part this music is actually pretty accessible.just doesn’t tie in much with punk/metal/usual riff sounds/or the old standbys you mention.

    so the stuff i liked was ‘too weird’ for the usual rock fan. and too pop for people into more experimental stuff.ha. the worse of everything… 😉

    why couldn’t that stuff count be viewed as laternative when it would have counted. because it was different. i guess. and accessible branch of alternative should just be about the usual and appealing to the usual fansusual rock types. guess something different was too ‘dangerous’ which is wahy it had to be locked away/not given chance or just get bad reveiws/be laughed at it.whatever…

    nirvana. hey i think it’s ‘safe’ to admit now what a trad band nirvana was. but you know i was saying that from the start. 🙂

    nirvana. remember this ‘alternative’ band was brought to you by the same people (clearchannel/mainstream radio/mtv/or whomever it was…)

    do you think they were gonna play something different ??? do you think they were gonna play alternative that would appeal the the audience they already had. yes.

    an alternative that they could also play on classic rock stations.yes.

    hence we got nirvana. if they were sooo different they wouldn’t have been given the chance.

    and you know the majority of people that suddenly got to be ‘alternative’ because of nirvana/grunge really hated anything different/because well how could they be alternative if something different (which they didn’t like because it was ‘weird’) was alternative ???

    no it couldn’t be alternative because the normal rock they liked was alternative. see nirvana for details.

    the people in that era wanted to alternative but they hated pretty much everything different. hence, give them nirvana.

    ok you mentioned my bloody valentine. so i know you’re familiar with their ‘isn’t anything’ recording)so this predates ‘nevermind’ by what 4 or 5 years.

    why couldn’t this have been pushed as alternative by the big forces ??? oh because it was actually different in in sonics/sounds/approaches to the rock language.

    plus there was two females in that band that played played their instruments. hell, what was the guys supposed to make of that ??? 😉

    you know ‘isnt anything’ got alot of *bad* reviews in the states when it first came many thought it was worthless,was a joke, or just a sonic youth rip off (proof that most people couldn’t hear/or shift through layered on non trad guitar sounds in a pop format)

    hey if something like would have got pushed the kids that embraced nirvana would have just said ‘what’s this weird stuff’. wouldn’t have got got/hated it for being different. so let’s just give them some big rock stuff and prove alternative really isn’t different or strange.welcome nirvana.

    rock snob. ok but again everyone likening everything means stuff i liked didn’t count/or wouldn’t have counted when it when it would have made a i’ll stick with being a snob.and i guess having my own way of hearing/interacting with music.ok.

    snob.sure. if being a not means not liking me too style alternative. ok.

    i never liked everything. but the non snobs pretty much didn’t like what i liked. (but they do like the bands you ref) so i’ll stick with being a snob. or just silence like i do now. because i’ll take that and giving up on rock and them listen to this everyone is alternative crap we have now…

    no one gave a damn or noticed.but with nirvana you just further pushed the process of making indie/alternative more lame and more accessible. while taking away anything different/keeping out of sight anything different.

    that process of just make it more/obvious/accessible just keep going so you got nu metal/rap metal ‘alternative music’ that didn’t even have to pretend it was ‘alternative'(or even give lip service to the indie altertavive/or classic alternative of the past)

    all the while kicking up the chest beating i’m guy style of singing/aesthetics.and arrgh…

    *everyone* was more happy/comfortable with alternative belonging to manistream kids/’the guys’ than to any kid that wanted it to be different/any kid that was different.any kid that rock music was all they had…

    i hope you grunge/nu metal/ lame era of gutless indie fans are really happy. you can’t even pretend to call alternative remotely alternative anymore.i didn’t vote for any of this. guess i’ll never be cool…

    i was never a fan of tori amos.and all i really listen to now is mash ups. that’s it…

    fine like nirvana.but you know that there was lot of stuff happening in the late 80’s/early 90’s that would have really changed alternative if it was pushed. (sure alternative wouldn’t have been as big. but at least you have bands tryig to do stuff that would have added to th life span of the guitar language within a pop/rock format)

    at least you could pick a cd and it seemed a band came up with a ‘format’/sound from the sky or something. all those ideas/and ideas of change.and getting beyond the usual sounds/limitations of gender/just got thrown away/shown how hopeless/stupid it was to even hope for change. when nirvana gonad growl stuff hit…

    of course this made most happy…

    i’ll take robert poss being ugly,being a bad dresser,not being able to ‘sing’,not being able to ‘play’.and being in a ‘weird’ rock band.

    over the famous kurt cobain any day. and take any band of susans cd and it will scream alternative over any nirvana crap or anything on your list. yes, i feel that way. so sick of the usual winning all the time.but they always wins.

    guitars have come and gone.all that’s left is trad rock.somethings wrong…

    “the reasons are clearer/but they’re not clear enough me/we stare into the future each day/and live for the hope/ that some hope/and try to feel for all those whoose lives have been pulled away/and we cry for all the wrong reasons ”

    or maybe the right ones.what else was i gonna have in life/have to look forward too. besides guitars. really nothing i hope you’re trad rock nirvana fans are damn happy…

    “we dream a lot/ to make up for lost time/another life/ we might have lived/i knew you’d never be mine/we dream a lot/ to replace what we lost/when we worship the streamlined/we’re begging for mercy of a another kind/we’re telling all the stories/we’re busy forging fantasies/we make excuses for yesterday/it’s water to wine… ”

  • Glimmer

    “If anything Nirvana and Pearl Jam were very sympathetic to the plight of women as Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder both considered themselves feminists and they were very big on respecting women”

    thanks for mentioning that. 🙂

  • The Devil

    Yeah, but Nirvana blowing up is the reason that bands like Hole, L7, Bikini Kill, Liz Phair, and The Breeders, and Belly, and a ton of other females got played on radio & TV.

    Hell, The Smashing Pumpkins had D’Arcy in the band. they would’ve have blown up if Nirvana hadn’t blown up in ’91

    You think those bands would’ve ever seen MTV or rock radio if “Nevermind” and “Ten” don’t blow up?

    The world that Vince Neil and Axl Rose ruled over would’ve never produced such strong women.

    Don’t bet on it.

    Hell, even My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” has grown in status over the years because every alternative rocker of the ’90s screamed about it all over the place.

    In dissing that era, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice, because like I said no era produced more prominent bands with women fronting them or at least playing in them.

    That was because guys like Cobain and went out of their way to give props to people like The Pixies

  • Glimmer

    no,the devil i like the era. i just like different stuff than whomever.and nirvana blowing up didn’t really help anything i liked and i didn’t like them.

    no,i’m dismissing nirvana,grunge and that streamlining of alternative to make it acceptable to the mainstream (well allowing them to be well pretty much the same mainstream they were pre nirvana.just my take)

    ok i will admit that in the ‘underground’ the most mainstream bands were often at the top of the ‘indie’ list and i didn’t support that either…

    “You think those bands would’ve ever seen MTV or rock radio if “Nevermind” and “Ten” don’t blow up?”

    ok, going by your the list you used. i’d say probably not. 🙂

    although i don’t think bikini kill ever got much on a nation wide big radio level. but i’ll admit that was a nit pick…. 🙂

    cobain, did mention cool/different bands. hell he loved husker du.

    i do think the pixies would have got whatever they got even without the kurt support.’doolittle’ was just huge when it hit…

    “no era produced more prominent bands with women fronting them or at least playing in them”

    yeah lots of females on for my copy of lush’s ‘gala’ and moonshake’s ‘eva luna’. 🙂

    thanks for the discussion. i took a few notes. 🙂