Cannes Film Festival, Day 2: “Sleeping Beauty” Premiere Red Carpet

Photo Credit: FAME

Just in case you bastards missed “Sleeping Beauty” star Emily Browning from the premiere, check it here.

As for the others in attendance, I’m really diggin’ Diane Kruger from the red carpet! I heard a rumor that French actress Marion Cotillard stole Diane’s longtime boyfriend Joshua Jackson recently. Any truth to the rumor?

And, I know some of you weight-haters are calling Aishwarya Rai fat. Sure she put on a lil’ weight, but I think it’s for the best! Meatiness is a great addition to a woman’s body, damn it!! Ow!

Check the “Sleeping Beauty” trailer below:


  • vanessaxoxx

    Adams> Kruger> Rai> >>>>>>>>>Chung

  • lazydayz

    Sweet jesus, Diane Kruger is so fucking beautiful.

  • Stephanie

    Diane Kruger is a style icon. Love her.

  • salma

    + 53

  • karmathebitch

    I love the way her boyfriend is admiring her

  • Stephanie

    Me too! Cute couple

  • spangly

    I don’t see the sexy here.

  • Willy Wallace

    Blondes with pale skin, like Diane and Rachel, should not wear the colors they are wearing, because they both look washed out.

    Rachel looks sexier as a brunette as in Wedding Crashers.

  • Gabbo

    I like Rachel more as a brunette.

    The Sleeping Beauty movie will probably draw a bunch of fetishists. But basically, Emily Browning is a student desperate for cash takes a job in a very private and pricey brothel catering to men of a certain age. She agrees to be drugged into a deep sleep so that the clients may keep company with her unconscious body. She is assured that there will be no penetration, but pretty much anything else is allowed, from gentle caresses to a man stubbing out his cigarette on her neck.

  • The Devil

    She aint Diane Kruger no more, that’s Diane “Motherfucking” Kruger from now on.

    That dress is like “blaaaadowwww”!!! on her.

  • Larry Sanders

    Wow, Diane dominates this.

    What the fuck is Alexa Chung doing in Cannes? Or even on Bastardly? I literally see at least 10 more attractive girls every time I go on the tube.

  • hermione

    I have never thought of Rachel McAdams as particuarly attractive.

    Alexa Chung is one of those few girls who looks so so so so much hotter with an extra stone or so. Her body fits clothes well at that size but she just does not look pretty.