Dianna Agron Brings The Morning Links!

Photo Credit: Wenn
Dianna Agron is seen leaving a hair salon sporting a shorter haircut

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– 52 Photos of Hot Cops For Police Week [COED Magazine]
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– Gisele Bundchen is Rich Beyotch! [GCeleb]
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– Scott Speedman and a Programming Note [Lainey Gossip]
– Lady Friend: Tiffany Mulheron [NextRound]
– Christy West is jaw dropping in her Daisy Dukes [Regretful Morning]
– Sarah Shahi: Courtroom Cutie [Gunaxin]

– The 20 Hottest Photos of Kate Upton [Heavy]
– Sexiest mechanical bull ride EVER [TC Magazine]
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– Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks cover the June issue of W Magazine [Celebitchy]
– Wonder Woman TV Series Rejected. Whew! [Celebrity Smack]
– 13 R-Patz Tats [CityRag]
– Prince William Defends Pippa Middleton In Scandal [Bumpshack]
– Ke$ha Cleans Up [Derek Hail]

– Nicki Minaj – Super Bass [MoeFresh]
– Kill The Wabbits [Rabbit Games]
– When cultures collide [Monkey Review]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

  • AlinaMaria

    I don’t like it, or her outfit. She looks middle aged.

  • Leni

    + 1

  • McPerv

    Yep. She still looks great, but going with shorter hair rarely works.

  • FoyFoy

    I love the hair, she can work any hair style because she has a perfect face.

    Rosie looks fan-fucking-tastic in the links

  • spangly

    Too much KeSha lately…. not feeling well.

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    Why, hello there my Princess Diana.

  • dinodan

    She has the best face out thee IMO….but the legs and body don’t match the face.

  • FallenRawToast

    Hey Moe did you get your royalties?


    Pic #5

  • skilligan

    she has a very pretty face

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    She may work in California, but she will always be a southern gal.

    Her and Reese Witherspoon need to do a movie together and not a Legally Blonde type movie…

  • Peccavi

    she looks really cute here.

  • d55

    or the feet. They look huge…look at the last pic.

  • Cat46

    I prefer her with longer hair but with a face like that she can make everything work.

  • dinodan

    yeah I saw that to, but I tried to ignore it. I guess that is why she wears those super tall heels on the red carpet, to make her feet look smaller.

  • Ari

    oofta those glasses!!! :/ I hate big ass bug sunglasses

  • Caitie Harmful

    Her feet really aren’t that big.

    It’s the angle of the picture.

    Now Scarlett Johansson…that chick’s got some big feet for her height. They’re actually bigger than mine…and I’m eight inches taller than her. o_o

  • d55

    There goes caitie harmful, getting herself involved in my shit even though i told her not to so many times. She came to this thread to write nothing but this reply. Gah

  • dinodan

    Which is another reason why Scarlett is so over rated.