TA-DAYUM!! Bar Refaeli Killin’ It On The Red Carpet in Cannes!!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Newly-single Bar Refaeli is taking her search for rich man rebound sex to the Cannes Film Festival. Yesterday’s post of Bar at the “Fashion For Relief” event was just the tip for her as she hit up The Beaver premiere and the Chopard party.

With news that ex-boyfriend Leo DiCaprio truly is now banging Blake Lively (see pics of them together) and that they too are in Cannes, it only means that Bar should get on her game and find some rich director at Cannes (shouldn’t be a problem for her). We can’t hate on Leo for getting around (since he apparently hooked-up with Ashley Greene too) but you gotta think that it’s going to be Bar who’s going to win this break-up.

We know there’s been work done with Photoshop but can Blake or Ashley rock a photoshoot like Bar for Passionista?

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures & WENN

  • asgopt


  • FallenRawToast

    …long blue dre

  • nybiggs

    She will have no problem finding another guy. She also seems like the type to me that whoever is next is marrying her.

  • crackrocks

    now that Leo’s done with her, i wouldn’t mind a lil slice or two.

  • dillan

    Her dress reminds me of one Julia Roberts once wore at the Oscars.


  • RoastedNuts

    She looks amazing. Great pictures.

  • Willy Wallace

    She is hotter than all of the VS models combined.

  • paulypaul

    She still has an amazing body and her face is nice too. I’d convert to Judaism and get circumcised in a heartbeat, if she agreed to marry me.

  • salma

    She’s so pretty, hot, sexy, healthy, beautiful!

    Leo and Blake, seriously? I didn’t see that coming…

  • RoastedNuts

    I much prefer the short dress to the long gown. Her legs are amazing.

  • Leni

    I agree, her legs look really good, the shoes help alot.
    The long dress would look better on Rosie.

  • lu__89

    amazing!!! flawless

  • Mundo

    Blake and Ashley have nothing compared to Bar…Blake may have the legs and Ashley the pretty face, but this chick has all that and more..Dumbass Leo, oh well I guess I can’t blame the dude, if it’s there hell why not?

  • vanessaxoxx

    Wow! This is probably the best i have ever seen her look- Breakup looks good on you Bar.

  • Voice of Reason

    Park that ass in my face and leave me be.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Ew, that is so sick.

  • Alec Hugh Schtitties

    I’d gladly take Leo’s sloppy seconds.

  • Glimmer

    darn you’re humble. i bet bar likes that in a guy… πŸ˜‰

  • dinodan

    Her legs are looking good in the short dress. I have ripped her before for having short shapeless legs, but they look a lot more shapely now.

  • McPerv

    A classic, from Scanners. When I was a child my dad took me to see all sorts of inappropriate movies for children, including those with graphic sexual and violent content, like Scanners. And see, I turned out just fine. πŸ˜‰
    The Shining freaked me the fuck out.

  • Glimmer
  • Piraffe

    Her ass….God, that’s amazing.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Lol, my dad was also known to not show us the most kid appropriate films. πŸ˜€

  • Cat46

    I love the dress.

  • RDouble365

    That ass is KILLING it!!!!!!

  • d55

    How do you know she is healthy? She might look healthy but how do you know she is actually healthy? Oh yeah, i forgot. Anyone that is too thin according to your personal taste is sick. You should get rid of the silly assumption that just because someone is thin doesn’t automatically mean they are unhealthy. Then again, you think kesha “looks good” soooo yeah, never mind.


  • d55

    She looks great.

  • major_got_banned

    but shes a scumbag.

  • Pretty In Purple

    She looks great. Blue is her color.

  • Peccavi

    god damn… that is straight up SEXY!

  • AlexAfonso

    Mindblowingly hot

  • hermione

    She looks absolutely banging. Great posterior.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    You know, she has the right proportions for that dress. Coming your way you get a good luck, and when you sneak a peek of the behind you still get satisfied.

    Kudos to the designer

  • major_got_banned

    sorry, i just dont find women who participate on either side of the arab/israeli rhetoric war to be attractive.

  • McPerv

    When my dad took me to see Mother’s Day, a disturbing and gruesome horror flick, the theater manager actually questioned him and suggested it was not appropriate. I have to say, watching someone get decapitated and their head fall to the ground was a bit much, I have to agree with the theater manager!

  • FoxyRoxy

    Oh jeez! How old were you?

  • McPerv

    Must’ve been about 10. That movie is really depraved, LOL. He also took me to sexually inappropriate movies, like Personal Best about lesbian athletes, that was an eye-opener. I was like, Whoa! Before that didn’t even know about lesbians, but after that movie, I knew I liked them!

  • FoxyRoxy

    Hahahha, that’s insane! Ok, your dad wins for most inappropriate film showings to a child πŸ˜€