Bar Refaeli & Elisabetta Canalis Hit Up The Roberto Cavalli Party!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Roberto Cavalli hosted a party at the Cannes Film Festival and naturally two of the hottest of the hotties in Cannes had to show up and kill it on the red carpet. Bar killed it on the red carpet at The Beaver premiere yesterday and we know that Elisabetta was doing a bikini shoot earlier in the day on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht.

The common theme between these two ladies; they attended alone and had no problem with Roberto Cavalli getting all up on them. In the case of Bar, we’re going to make the Bastardly assumption that post-breakup rebound sex was had with Mr. Cavalli and in this same Bastardly assumption, we’re saying that Elisabetta was there too. We’re just saying…

  • skilligan

    both of them on a hot streak, ESPECIALLY Bar

  • johnconnor77

    George, drop that horseface and upgrade yourself with some Israeli ass for a change….

  • dillan


  • vanessaxoxx

    Horse? she looks more manish- i don’t think she is as bad as everyone is making out- she just has very strong facial features and looks about 40 already. George could do alot better though.

    Bar looks great.

  • Willy Wallace

    Bar looks amazing as always.

    Elisabetta’s shoes are sexy.

  • Leni

    Elisabetta has such a nice body, lean and not too skinny, very shapely. I do not like her face, not sure what’s off but her smile is just not pretty, she does look like a dude with makeup and wig on.
    Bar has been looking really good lately.

  • Irons

    They both look totally stunning, Elisabetta always looks hot when she hides the prison tattoos.

  • lazydayz

    Her face isn’t feminine but she does not look like a dude! Maybe a little, but she’d make a very pretty man. And she does have a perfect body.

  • Peccavi

    both are hot… and bar as been killing it since being ditched by leo, so, on behalf of guys around the world… thanx for that one /b/ro!

    also, rocked all for the hater happy faggot.

  • Prof Bastardly

    Bar again. Hopefully this rebound status will mean she’s at the bastardly every day. Hot, pretty, natural…I can’t think what else any straight man could possibly need. Sucks that it took me 30 seconds to figure out how to shut Baghdad Hilton the hell up though.

  • vanessaxoxx

    she is one of the manliest looking “women” i have ever seen- even more than i think Alessandra is.

  • spangly

    Bar is pretty but she really smiles with her teeth. Very phony.

    Elisabetta def does look like a she-male. Maybe that is what Georgie likes?