BREAKING!! Maria Sharapova’s Fall @ Italian Open Sponsored By Nike!

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As we always say when these types of pics emerge from the professional women’s tennis: Major props to the horndogg photographer who went into rapid shot mode as Maria suffered a vicious fall at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia last weekend. When this type of shit happens and these photos spread like wildfire across the net, does Maria get some sort of bonus from Nike or what? If anything, this is great advertising for all things Nike—that includes Maria’s booty, of course. On that note, here’s a closer look at Maria’s shoes:

  • goldfinger

    We need to see the beaver shot cam

  • Goliano

    Why settle for pics when there’s vid?

  • Philr Crackin

    Nothing Like Sweet Sweaty Tennis Chicks

  • The Devil

    *bites finger*

    I’m all up in that.

    God, I love 6 ft tall bitches.

  • Stephanie

    God damn, look at those muscles! 3.2

  • karmathebitch

    falling down

  • Larry Sanders

    By far the hottest tennis player.

  • George Louis Costanza

    LOL how about no. I forget how to post pics, but google these names:

    Maria Kirilenko
    Ana Ivanovic
    Julie Goerges

    That’s just off the top of my head too. There’s way better looking chicks than this one. Maria Sharapova is way overrated and just really, really well marketed.