Bastian Schweinsteiger & His S.I. Swimsuit Model GF Sarah Brandner In Miami!!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Sincere apologies to all you bastards, but since there’s no real news to report, we gotta follow all the soccer stars vacationing in Miami Beach with their hot girlfriends. Earlier today we saw Uruguayan star Diego Forlan & his woman, so check those here.

More about Sarah Brandner: Check out her layout in the 2010 S.I. Swimsuit Issue.

  • Philr Crackin

    I like her Body – and she’s Rocking those Tiny Tits
    Schatz, liebe ich Ihre kleinen Brüste

  • the_real_hunter

    I don’t mind the small chest. It’s the rest of her that’s gross.

  • dinodan

    I agree with you. The skinny look works for her. She has good muscle tone (not to toned and not flabby), and you can tell she is naturally skinny.

  • Boz

    Moe, since you are posting football players’ with their gf, I’d love to see Theo Walcott and his gf. Not a fan of Arsenal (and never will) but Theo’s kinda cute.

  • karmathebitch

    ribcage and hipbones attack Miami beach

  • azezeal

    Talented Footballer is Bastian but he needs to take his girl out and buy her several meals cause ribcage aint no fun

  • dillan

    I’m ok with the small breasts. But the shape of her legs is horrible. (page 3, last pic)