BREAKING!! Jordana Brewster Drives A White Range Rover!!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Seeing how Jordana Brewster’s a staple in the “Fast & Furious” series of films, you’d think she’d be rolling in something slightly more tricked-out and unique, but I guess she’s a Hollywood star after all, right? Nevertheless, it’s a pretty sweet looking ride.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles as Jordana was seen workin’ the short-shorts & golden wedges as she hit up Madewell for a few items. Check the store’s official website here.

Here’s a look at her ride:
Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

  • Mundo

    I think she looks great…specially the legs…and the booty

  • Kristin

    I hate to do it but i have to agree with everyone. Those legs are SEXY HOT!

  • d55

    shorts with heels = ghetto, tacky, cheap! its especially bad when they are denim shorts.

  • RDouble365

    Great body.

  • KobeBryan


  • Willy Wallace

    I wouldn’t drink the green contains of her bottle if someone paid me 10 bucks. But I probably would for 20.

  • the kitten

    shes looking very Madewell-esque here. i like it. except for the shoes. but they do make her legs look really sexy.

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    + 1

  • JonYo

    I can’t go for a chick who looks like she’s balding.

  • Dr. Smooth

    Well hot damn excuse me….