George Clooney Gets Bored Of Elissabetta Canalis! Who’s Next?!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

As most of you’ve heard by now, Elisabetta Canalis is no longer with her longtime lover George Clooney, so it’s pretty obvious that George got bored and simply wants to move his A-List Penis over to someone who’s much younger & hotter. That’s the tragedy of being a beautiful chick—you get used & abused in your prime & then thrown in the corner when you’re older.

George Clooney will probably sleep around for a few months with a variety of Italian hotties & then settle down with the cream of the crop following the summer months. He’ll use this latter chick as his personal sex toy during production breaks in-between his various Oscar nominated films. On that note: DAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU, GEOOOOOORRRRGE CLOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEYYYY!!

As for Elisabetta, just look at her! She should have no trouble hooking up with some European-flavored pimpdaddy & enjoy her remaining days lounging on luxurious yachts moored in the beautiful Mediterranean. If Victoria Silvstedt can pull off the heist, why not Elisabetta Canalis?!

Anyway, the pics in this set were snapped during a vacation in Cancun earlier this month.

  • major_got_banned

    what a hot hussy.

  • Glimmer

    wait a second.wait for it. going by official moej rules maybe he just could stand her tattoo any more. takes a bow… 😉

  • Nookies

    Thats the sad face of someone that knows their career is about to fade into irrelevancy

  • Super Secret

    Whoever his first wife was must have fucked his mind up this dude is scared of marriage

  • ThatsJustWrong

    She asked for it, a week or so after she says in an interview about how great things are with George and she wants to have marriage and children in her future she gets dumped. He always dumps his women when they talk about him even the slightest in the media.

  • dillan

    I like her, I think she’s beautiful.

  • karmathebitch

    that body !!

  • d55

    Only a few weeks ago, she talked about marriage and kids openly while giving an interview to a magazine. As harsh as this might sound, he actually did her a favor. Instead of stringing her along, he let her go. That’s the decent thing to do.

  • d55
  • Irons

    There is always some woman hotter, younger and more eager to please just waiting to step in.
    Good for George, smart man, Respect.

  • Cat46


  • FoxyRoxy

    Impressive body, she’s super toned but still had a fantastic waist to hip ratio.

  • FoxyRoxy


  • ivebeentold

    I’m not believing GC dumped her!!! It makes more sense to me that she kicked his old ass to the curb…;-)

  • Irons

    He probly got sick of looking at prison tattoos.

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    Ouch, that must have stung for her. First she talks about marriage and babies — next thing you know there is a George Clooney-shaped hole in the wall.

  • McPerv

    So right. But it’s odd that she says she does not currently want kids, but assumes that her maternal instinct will kick in. People need to really think hard about it, though, like Clooney, and not assume that having kids is inevitable, and will be good for them or will make them happy. A massive study in the last year or 2 showed that parents are less happy than people who are child-free, across all demographics. But people just pop out kids without thinking about it, assuming it’s an inherent part of life that will make them happy (which is a horrible reason to have a kid, any way, it’s not about what the child will do for you). I think post-partum depression is a crock, I think these women just pop out the babies and realize, holy fuck what have I done to my life?, but they don’t want to admit their dissatisfaction with motherhood, so psychologists slap some psyhcobabble label on it to make them feel better.

  • d55

    How about the ones who get pregnant and have babies to “save the relationship”…you know, just when they sense the guy will walk away, they decide to pop a kid. WTF kinda logic is that? How pathetic are these women? Is a baby tool that you assume it will fix all your pre-existing relationship problems? And I agree about the whole post-partum depression BS. I am not saying it’s made up but when it comes to pregnant women, I don’t really buy it in that any major life change that you are not psychologically ready for will get you depressed. It rages me when these “post-partum depressed” mothers kill their kids and babies and are able to walk away free…like because she killed her baby, she must have not wanted to do it but lost her sanity at the moment…yeah, like mothers cannot be murderers that we always have to justify their wrong-doings.

  • McPerv

    Yep, some do it to save the relationship, others do it simply because they don’t feel treated well, and believe a child will be a magic cure, to have a mini-me who will give them unconditional love (imagine their disappointment the first time the kid shouts “I hate you!” LOL). I don’t doubt there’s a post-partum physiological change, but I suspect there’s a lot more. Kind of like when I adopted my first dog, you think it’s going to be all smiles and laughs, and then dog is having issues, and needs to be walked all the time, and chews up shit, and gets into the trash, and you can’t just leave for a day and leave the dog behind, and I’m like what the fuck did I do? (Is all OK, I love my dog and am glad I adopted her, but no doubt it involves work and commitment and time and money.) But you bring a child into the world, it’s on you to take good care of it, and for heaven’s sake don’t kill the kid and then blame it on depression.

  • RDouble365

    DAMN!!! Her body is one of the best that is out there…..

  • The Devil

    Who was shocked by this?

    Her body is off the chain though.

  • johnconnor77

    and how about these chicks that got themselves pregnant, telling guys that are sleeping with (guys with money, obviously) that are on birth control… and then they get basically a sponsorship for 18 years… I have met a couple of these in Dallas, some make a career out of that

  • Rosario Dawson

    she have an old face but still look good

  • McPerv

    Well it’s impossible to get yourself pregnant, a guy still has to give his sperm. If you don’t put on a rubber, you take that risk. Though I do think it’s BS that child support includes an unstated alimony component. In my state, child support was already high, and the legislature jacked it up 30% with a legislative fraud (claiming that it needed to be increased for inflation, even though it was a graduated scale so it had built-in inflation protection).

  • mimii

    amazing imo

  • ctrlaltdelete

    He can do better.