George Clooney Gets Bored Of Elissabetta Canalis! Who’s Next?!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

As most of you’ve heard by now, Elisabetta Canalis is no longer with her longtime lover George Clooney, so it’s pretty obvious that George got bored and simply wants to move his A-List Penis over to someone who’s much younger & hotter. That’s the tragedy of being a beautiful chick—you get used & abused in your prime & then thrown in the corner when you’re older.

George Clooney will probably sleep around for a few months with a variety of Italian hotties & then settle down with the cream of the crop following the summer months. He’ll use this latter chick as his personal sex toy during production breaks in-between his various Oscar nominated films. On that note: DAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU, GEOOOOOORRRRGE CLOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEYYYY!!

As for Elisabetta, just look at her! She should have no trouble hooking up with some European-flavored pimpdaddy & enjoy her remaining days lounging on luxurious yachts moored in the beautiful Mediterranean. If Victoria Silvstedt can pull off the heist, why not Elisabetta Canalis?!

Anyway, the pics in this set were snapped during a vacation in Cancun earlier this month.