Pippa Middleton: Is All The Attention Really Getting To Her Head?!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

From the way this chick carries herself, it appears she actually think she’s the shit…and who the fuck can blame her, right?

Pippa’s been getting all cameras pointed in her direction now that her older sister scored Royal Penis. I think it’s mainly because those cameras can’t get access to Kate, so they’re forced to default to her younger sister who kinda looks like her. I shouldn’t hate on Pippa too much b/c who the hell wouldn’t whore themselves out if put in a similar situation? It’s our natural human tendency to fan the flame of our respective egos, so more power to her!

These were snapped earlier today as she hit some luxury stores with a friend in London. As per the papz, Pippa got the attention of a lot of dudes on King’s Road who were anxious to get an eye on her tight lil’ bod!