Elizabeth Berkley Bikini Pics That She Didn’t Want Anyone To See

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Maybe I’m wrong, but did Elizabeth Berkley really earn her “Fuck You, Hollywood” money following her four-year stint on ‘Saved By The Bell’ during the early 90s?! Sure it was a popular show, but I have a feeling producers bagged the kids on the cheap. When you take into consideration Mario Lopez & his various TV show & cookbook projects, I’m pretty the cast got ripped.

Anyway, regardless of whether she earned a shitload of cash, there’s absolutely no excuse for not keeping in shape b/c her hotness was her one & only asset!! It’s no wonder Elizabeth Berkley failed to breakout as a big Hollywood star. Actually it’s kinda sad b/c I really thought she had a lot of potential…

Anyway, these were snapped yesterday afternoon as she was spotted having fun on the beach with husband Greg Lauren during a Hawaiian vacation. It definitely looks like she needs to either burn all her bikinis or invest in a more private destination. Liz, have you heard of Bora Bora or Maldives, by chance?
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin