Elizabeth Berkley Bikini Pics That She Didn’t Want Anyone To See

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Maybe I’m wrong, but did Elizabeth Berkley really earn her “Fuck You, Hollywood” money following her four-year stint on ‘Saved By The Bell’ during the early 90s?! Sure it was a popular show, but I have a feeling producers bagged the kids on the cheap. When you take into consideration Mario Lopez & his various TV show & cookbook projects, I’m pretty the cast got ripped.

Anyway, regardless of whether she earned a shitload of cash, there’s absolutely no excuse for not keeping in shape b/c her hotness was her one & only asset!! It’s no wonder Elizabeth Berkley failed to breakout as a big Hollywood star. Actually it’s kinda sad b/c I really thought she had a lot of potential…

Anyway, these were snapped yesterday afternoon as she was spotted having fun on the beach with husband Greg Lauren during a Hawaiian vacation. It definitely looks like she needs to either burn all her bikinis or invest in a more private destination. Liz, have you heard of Bora Bora or Maldives, by chance?
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Glimmer

    so do we have a new champion ??? pics of kesha at the beach last year…

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    Image hosting by IMGBoot.com

  • johnconnor77

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    Ouch. What a flabby, unattractive ass. I feel her pain.



  • face84

    Oh bikini bottoms shape like that don’t to any human no matter how great the figure any favour.

  • face84

    aww and it’s do not to.. im so blahh just waking up bastards :$

  • Boz

    What in the world…. why, Elizabeth, why?

  • azezeal

    You Bastard

  • The Devil

    My God.

    That ass has it’s own congressman.

  • Glimmer

    feeling better ???

  • joey

    Elizabeth Berkley may have been ripped off during those Saved by the Bell years, but now she’s got some of that Ralph Lauren money from Greg. You know she’s getting old when you can’t tell where her ass begins and ends.

  • shin shin

    Damn that is one ugly lookin nasty body.

  • d55

    lmfao the look she has on her face…she looks like big foot caught on camera.