Selena Gomez Continues Sad Streak: Performs @ Chicago Mall

Photo Credit: WENN
These were snapped yesterday afternoon at the Orland Square Mall in Orland Park, Chicago.

I don’t mean to knock on Selena Gomez b/c let’s admit it, she’s just a little kid who’s being whored-out to the masses simply b/c her “Monte Carlo” co-stars Leighton Meester & Katie Cassidy would probably fire their manager if he ever suggested either one go on a mall tour around the country promoting their upcoming film. I don’t think this film’s made with the intention of being any good, so keep that in mind when you cough up some cash to check it out.

You’d think Justin Bieber would have his woman’s back, but sadly he’s also getting whored-out by his own people. Let’s not forget that he launched his very own perfume last week. Granted their making a pretty penny for a few people, but I swear, the parents of these poor kids must be greedy as fuck to sign off on shit like this.